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link between fanconi's anemia & HCV infection

How HCV infection may lead to Fanconi's anemia?
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Fanconi anemia is a genetic condition, and is usually inherited rather than a result of any external or environmental factors.  I am not aware of any link between HCV and Fanconi anemia; it's possible that Fanconi may make management of HCV more difficult but I'm not aware of any direct correlation of one to the other.  (Note, there is also a condition known as Fanconi syndrome, but it is very different from Fanconi anemia.)  
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One does not cause the other as fanconi's is genetic.  However, the damage done to the liver by hcv can be disproportionately worsened by treatments given for different types of severe anemias.  This can range from the use of anabolic steroids, to multiple transfusions.  All of this can lead to both liver failure (at a faster than normal rate) due to end organ damage from the oxidation from transfusions - on top of liver damage from hcv, to a much higher risk of liver cancer in those with both hcv and these types of anemias who use anabolic steroids as a treatment.  It's just a double whammy to the liver, having to endure the anemia treatments and the inflammatory damage from the hcv at the same time.  They have rarely even seen hepatocellular cancer in children and quite young adults in these instances.

So basically, these are diseases, that when they coexist, can be quite difficult to treat together.  I used a great deal of medical support when I got hcv and I treated and got transfused all the way through in order to reach SVR.  I have a rare form of anemia, basically a low epo form of anemia combined with mild hypocellularity in my bone marrow.  It's not nearly as serious as Fanconi's however.  Still, I think one can find doctors who are willing to treat high risk groups with hematological support.
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The reverse, however, could be possible; being that a patient who has Fanconi may require blood transfusion, if blood transfusion were administered prior to 1993, HCV infection could be attributed to being caused by the management of the Fanconi.

Lots of good info, thanks for for the more detailed explanation.
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@eureka254 & @alagirl thanks a lot for your interaction. @alagirl of course I did not talk about Fanconi Syndrome, the kidney disorder, I was talking about Fanconi anemia, the blood disorder. Anyway my issue is; while I was investigating the chromosomal aberrations present in cultured lymphocytes from peripheral blood of some HCV patients I noticed a specific anomaly characteristic for Fanconi's anemia. Cytogeneticists called that abnormal chromosomes "Radial Form Chromosomes". So now I'm trying to know if HCV itself or HCV treatment had bad effects on chromosomes led to that anomaly or Fanconi's anemia treatment led to exhausting the liver then help in HCV infection. Question is still present...
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