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lip help and itch help!!

im on week 7 and my rash is already driving me crazy, i itch all the time, but my lower lip burns all the time. my lip  doesnt seem to heal no matter what i put on it. it seems to stay chapped and i wake up every morning with blood all over my lip.... is their any releif??
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Night time benadryl by mouth. Ask your dr.
A scrip for triamcinolone cream .1% from my doctor. Seems to work. Don't know about the lip.
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try washing with aveeno body wash...also double was your sheets and cloths in just water...benadryl at night....all this and every night i get into bed for a couple hours i claw and bleed...my body has so much rash...its awful....from riba.....good luck...billy
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You'll get topical meds if you go see the doc.  In the mean time you could use alovera from the health food store or break open a vitamin E gel capsule and put it directly onto the lips, both of these promote faster healing. I don't know if they sell Vit D ointment over the counter but that is a really good one too.   It may also be a good idea to use an antibiotic ointment if the lip is not healing fast enough.  

Try to stay hydrated too, it may be that your lips are getting a bit dry and cracking from be on the dehydrated side.
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I have a different condtion with my lips but the same symptoms.  What helps for me is to cut down on salt and sugar as well as spicy food and anything with cinnamon in it. I find relief from Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment.  The other chapsticks etc. don't help much and sometimes make the burning worse.  
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thank you for your support and tips on relief for my itching and sore lip, much appreciated !!!
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thank you so much for the tips, washing the sheets has been real helpful. they are thinking stopping the inciveck after week 8, cuz the is rash so bad and where the viral load dropped all the way to zero they feel the the other two medications will work. thanks again billy...
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thank you so much for the responce, I need all the help I can get. i'm am on my way to get some vitimen E and try that on my lips. I'm normaly a positive person and put faith to whatever I'm going through, but I have to admitt I'm going a little crazy so keep me in prayer and I'll do the same.  thanks Mag!!!
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thank you I will try that too!!! I really appreciate all your support!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi there.  Definitely get more water into you.  When your lips are chapped but NOT bleeding, brush them when you brush your teeth.  Helps exfoliate them.  And try some Aquaphor.  Works really well in "healing."  It is like Vaseline but better, and they use it on burn victims to keep the skin soft and promote healing.  Feel better!  Drink water, water, water, as other beverages may be causing dehydration.  Try Gold Bond Medicated Lotion in the green bottle, for the itch and/or ice packs.  Let your doc know what you are experiencing too.
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If u look in search,  archives has tons of good tips. It seemed like weeks 7-10 were my worst. I mean crazy itching! Had a bout the other night. Rare now. H2O! Victuals, ice bags, cold housen sheets, Rx n OTC anti itch, bebedry... I used em all. Simultaneously. Lol.
BTW- you WILL look back n laugh at the ridiculous things you do. I stuck my head in the freezer, took all my clothes off n lay w a sheet, 2 fans, and frozen gel packs from my peg shipment.
I never got a rash tho. Glad ur dr is on top of it. Karen :)
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thank yuo for your tips and prayers, I wil try brushing of the lips and the gold bond medication. God and my family and friends support has really got me this far. I,m at the end of my 8th. week and the doctors are thinking about stopping the Incivec. That's because of my rash, I'ts just about at the severe stage and last week they said I was well into the moderate stage alteady. They sent me to a dermotoligist for a skin biopsy to make sure I wasn't contacting the s.j.s. sydrome and give me more medicine. My rash is over 80% of my body and along with the itch has has really tried my faith, at times I feel like I,m going insane. Without God I would have already given up. However Even the doctors feel hopeful and optimistic, that is because at week 4 my load dropped to zero, by stopping the inciveck and continuing the riba and interferion they are hopeful it wil work. They said in the origanal studies that they considered only using the inciveck for 8 weeks for patients who's viral load dropped to zero at week 4, but then they decidied to a full 12 with everyone. I go to doc. tommorow, appreciate your prayers, Be Blessed, and to everyone who is going through the tripple trearment, You are being prayed for.      GOD BLESS, gjbones
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i had the same rash... severe over 80 % of my body..my skin was swollen and i had to be hospitallized twice for dehydration even tho i was drinking a gallon of water everyday..plus gatoraide.. couldnt wear clothes only light night gowns and sundresses ,,, no socks even..
but.i made it 12 weeks with incivek..dont ask me how.. i took benadryl ... xanax ..vicodin ..advil... perscriction cream ..perscription itch pills..aloe vera.. spray benadryl .. calamine lotion ... whatever i could do..still i got little sleep..i got anemic had to start procrit... but i made it cause i want to get cured.. try to stay on it as long as it doesnt kill you...the longer you do the better your chances..
most people dont get as bad as this ..but i wanted you to know that i did...and i made it
ps... they say the rash gets better after week 10 mine did improve after week 8 it would come and go..
best of luck to you !!
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