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liver pain ,3yrs.post tx,.

Good day to all, I have been having alot of liver pain I know my vl is up. I am taking milk thistle along with liver aid,to try and help so far no help. I am one of the many that tx didn't work. Now I wonder if anyone mighthave an idea to help with the discomfort . I have changed my diet and trying to stay away from sugar although I crave the stuff for energy. Along with hep I also have fibro and cfs . The sx of these three are driving me nuts let alone my better half not knowing what to do to help something that he can't fix. Thanks for your imput.
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I am so sorry the treatment was not effective.  Do you have any idea whay it didn't work the first time?  Did you have to reduce the meds due to anemia or neutropenia?  Were you compliant?  Were you dosed correctly to begin with?  It truly sounds like you may need to try again.  I have heard wonderful things about milk thistle and liver aid, but it sounds like they aren't doing the job either.  Had you had a biopsy?  What stage/grade? Sorry for all the questions.  I really don't have any answers, but perhaps you can get in on on of the new trials for non-responders.


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Hi_  I know how depressed a liver patient can get. I had toxic hepatis from lead poisoning and was so depressed I wanted to kill myself.  I had a helpful doctor and many years of restricted diet that helped. I am glad your brother has you for support because depressed people need to be uplifted and often. Sugar of course is a depressant.  I have found another herb that helps clean the liver which I used.  It is dandelion root. No side effects, can find it in any health food store. I took lots of it and drank lots of water & ate lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  I am happy to say I have no signs of the lead in my liver now.  As for fibro....I got that and after a couple years of misery, I read about a very high protein diet...lots of meat and veggies with nothing white whatsoever. It worked for me and now when I slip up it takes at least three days for the pain to subside and the energy to begin again. This year I have the fibro nearly completely out of my life because of no whites allowed in my diet.  Amazing that what we eat can affect us so. It is worth a try and it sure can't hurt you.  I sympathize with you having it because it sure does ruin the quality of life.  Best to you and your brother. Keep hanging in there.
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My neck has also felt very wet and clammy througout treatment. I don't think this is sweating as much as overractive sabaceous glands caused by the interferon. Remember, the sabaceous glands are where both seb derm and rosacea are.

My neck -- sides and back primarily -- get a solid beet red, not spots. It's been pretty much this way for months at a time. Once it went away for a month but then came back. So I thought maybe contact dermatitis? The problem with contact dermatitis is that it often takes weeks for the reaction to take place so very hard to find the culprit. In other words it may have been something I wore a month ago, not yesterday. The idea with the silk is to add a barrier. Maybe silk turtlenecks to wear under everything would do the trick but not my fashion style. Maybe this winter if it keeps up.

But it it's not contact dermatitis that leaves seb dermatitis or rosacea. Rosacea can also be found on neck and forehead.

The only thing that makes rash go away are topical steroids but as you know they can spread the rosacea so I'm wary. I may try and repress it with topicals again and then try and suppress the reaction with the Elidel. The back of my neck feels very raw, painful at times. I wonder if that's because I trim my hair back there. Never had any of these problems before treatment.

Face is better, only a couple of pimples but I still look like I have a slight sunburn and haven't been out of the house hardly for four days now. As I mentioned, when I did go outside and spent some time in the sun last week, I turned beet red and remained so for days. Intiailly I thought this was riba sun sensitivity but since the rest of my body is not sun sensitive, I 'm pretty sure it's sensitivity from the rosacea. Unlike with women, walking around with sun umbrellas is out of the question. This summer is totallly shot and looking forward for a sunless winter. Totally sucks.

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All your posts seem to have disappeared both from this thread and the previous "lesion" threads. What's up?
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I just looked in my documents, and it's all there, so no problem for me. I save all our conversations for reference.
I don't feel well today, but for sure write tomorrow what Big shot said, and what I am doing now.

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I just send a letter to med help...let's see what happens tomorrow.

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