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liver problem

Just found out about two years age that I have cirrhosos of the liver. I was doing fine up until Jan. of this year. My stomach,feet and legs stay swollen. Starting in March my amonia level has gone up three time and i'v had to go to the er. I'v asked the doctor what els can I expect and he hasn't send. All he will tell me is that everyone is different which i know but I would like to know so I can prepare myself. Can anyone give me some advise on what to ecpect next.
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Sounds like you need to see a good liver doc to see where you are at and get a treatment plan in place. No one can accurately tell you what to expect, as there is no crystal ball and everyone is different, but what  you are describing sounds serious and requires specialized medical care.

Take care and good luck.
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I do have a liver doc. But i'm not sure I like him. But I guess that doesn't matter.I guess my question is. Does it just keep getting worse until you have a transplant.and if so how do you deal with all of this.any suggestions
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Nutritional support is extremely important. What we eat is vital to all of us with damaged livers. I'd recommend a strict liver friendly diet and daily use of nutritional support supplements to help supply your body with the nutrients your liver is having a tough time providing you. Eat small and frequent meals rather than larger meals less often. Eliminate saturated fats sugars and salts all together, they all make your liver's job harder and of course abstain from any alcohol.Daily exercise is important as is losing any excess weight. Do you know your MEDVAR score? Have you been evaluated at a transplant center? What has your doctor said about that?

It is vital you have a good liver specialist you can TRUST to work with you but ultimately we are all in charge of our own medical care and that can require us to be aggressive in getting the care we need and in doing research.  I'd push for more answers and learn all you can about the process once you have been diagnosed with ESLD and where you stand with your liver function scores. Does he have you on meds to help with your swelling? Are you on laculose? The retained fluid can be problematic as it makes us more prone to infection. If your doctor can not answer all of your question I'd get another opinion from someone who can.
Take care and best of luck to you.
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there are some good websites that address end stage liver disease or cirrhosis.   some even have forums that you can interact in with others in the same situation.  try this site:  http://janis7hepc.com/Cirrhosis.htm  
  you may need to find a hepatologist or liver dr. that you like and trust.  most of us with liver disease have had to be proactive with our own health.   but you do need good management.  are you using Lactulose to bring down the ammonia levels?   you should be on a low fat, low protein diet i believe. no red meat.    get educated online as best you can.  google end stage liver disease and how to manage it.   good luck love and prayers for you
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I had the same problem starting mid 2005 when I went to the doc he told me I had hepc and cirrosis news to me. My feet and legs were so swollen I had a hard time walking. I was not pleased with my first doc so I tried another. He told me a transplant was a must. I live in Tampa,Fl area and we have a clinic called Life Link. My doc sent my reports and stats they agreed I needed to come in for an evaulation which I did. This was Jan of 2005 they tested me and told my was not super bad but expected it to elevate very quickly.On 3/11/2006 I recieved a gift of life a new liver.. Beleve it or not the opperation was a piece of cake and I was home in 5 days. If my hepc was not so bad I would be fine now but need to start treatment tomorrow.
Sounds to me like you may need a transplant.
Best of luck
God be with you
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Hey congratulations on the new liver and good luck with your treatment!
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