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lloyd wright

any stories. pro or con to share regarding lloyd wright and his protocol???
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Yes, i can offer an opinion. the guy is out to steal money from you! the only worse thing this guy could do to you is put a gun to your head and rob you! there has NOT been one person cured by his SNAKE OIL. RUN as fast as you can from this guy. He talks a good game, just like any good con artist. I'm sure others will give their "humble" opinion on him. good luck
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What copy said
The only thing Lloyd Wright has cured is his own poverty.
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I am a believer in Lloyd Wright.  He is a survivor and I am too.  I take his Milk  Thistle product religously and it has done wonders for me.  He is out there to help people.  And has dedicated his life to healing the natural way.  Interferon is joke.  The chances on that are 50%.  It practically destroyed his life.  Look at Naomi Judd.  Milk Thistle cleared her.  Just try the Milk Thistle and see for yourself.  Don't buy anything else but that.  Also dring xango juice.  YOu can find it on line!!  It really works, I speak from my own experience.
I took milk thistle for many long years having been diagnosed with Hep C in 1991. However it did not stop the nasty virus. I do believe it slowed the progression. In 2015 after 12 weeks of Harvoni the virus is cleared. I do believe in what Lloyd says about natural alternatives. I witnessed what interferon did to many close friends. Poison that nearly killed them. I would not take! Do I regret taking Harvoni? No. I was entering into Cirrhosis. At least the nasty virus has been stopped. I wish you well!
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you do not need Lloyd Wright for milk thistle, he has nothing to do with milk thistle. It has been around way before Wright.  it is sold in every health food / vitamin store in the world. Milk thistle will NOT cure anyone of HCV. Get your facts straight, Naomi Judd was NOT cured from milk thistle! You join this forum and the first things you post are idiotic, not a good start.
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hate to rain on your parade but check this article our re: Naomi Judd:

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according to the article, Naomi hate standard interferon treatment.
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Naomi Judd received standard interferon treatment 3 times a week for a year.  She had a strain (probably type 2 but not sure) that had a higher sucess rate.  She may have hated it but she went through it.  Milk Thistle is not going to cure anyone with this disease.
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I never heard of Lloyd Wright, but I've heard of Milk Thistle.  When I was in my days of using I did business with an aquaintance.  Let's just call him nonsense, well nonsense  asked me if I had HepC, I said yes I do.  He said he had cleared the virus years earlier.  I asked him how he did it, he looked at me and said that he had cleared the virus by taking Milk Thistle.  Well needless to say I didn't believe nonsense, today at this very moment nonsense is in prison.  It doesn't have anything to do with Milk Thistle, he sold and got caught with a bunch of dope.  See nonsense did a lot of cocaine, he exagerrated alot and he lied alot.  I knew he was lying when he told me he cleared the virus, I just acted like I believed him.  I acted like I believed nonsense because, he had some dope I wanted and I had some dope he wanted.  So today when someone mentions Milk Thistle, I think "nonsense".  True story, just a name was changed to protect someone.    later    
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Open your umbrella because your parade just got rained on. if you had your facts straight you would know that naomi judd did interferon to cure her HCV.  If you are looking to cure your hepatitis go see a hepatologist NOT Lloyd WRONG. I will say this again, although milk thistle has shown to help a little with liver function it has NEVER been shown to cure hepatitis, NOT even one time! Best of luck to you
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read my next post immediately following my first.
first post .....mispelled word should be had, not hated.
I'm  on your side.
read article as I suggested.
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Wonder why the whole medical world is making people go through tx, some people have even been through it 8 or 9 times. Instead of sending us down to the health food store to get some milk thistle. I guess they would be out of work doing that. And it would be damaging to the pharmaceutical industry.

Sorry the sarcasm...

Come on, get real. How are you going to cure a complicated virus like hep c with milk thistle. I have heard that many people use it for other reasons, but not for cure.

I'm not against herbs and alternative med, on the contrary. But one has to be realistic.
Milk Thistle will not cure Hepatitis C. I took it for many years. I did Haroni treatment in 2015. The virus is now cleared.
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Read the article .....

"Dr. Bruce and his team at St. Louis are compassionate healers on the cutting edge of medicine," Judd says. "To have a resource like them to tell people to go consult is a gift."

My conclusion: It is obvious that the ST. Louis medical team had cutting edge milk thistle::::-)
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Good god, would you people please take the time to read all of my  posts before attacking me.  

this will be my last post on this board.

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My apologies, am  really sorry...this is a misunderstanding. I did not express myself correctly.  I did not mean to tell you to read the article, I meant that I read the article. 'Read' as in past tense.  I read the article and did not find anything on her having been cured with milk thistle. She clearly thanks the ST. Louis Hospital team who surely had her on cutting edge treatment and were able to heal her.  The last sentence was supposed to be a sarcastic joke.

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i made the mistake of hanging on to loyd wright every word,idiot me, i stopped taking nexium because he said it made my virul load shoot up,it doesnt it was a horrible 2 months.please please beleive doctors before wicthdoctors out to line there pockets on our misery.
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Here's a video on what lloyd wright says about interferon. I found it quite interesting. I heard of him only through the members on this site, most of whom had only negative things to say about him. I never let people affect my opinion of someone and especially if I never checked them out myself. Well first of all, I am on interferon and I do believe that that is the best thing for me to be on right now. But I would never tell someone else that they are foolish or stupid to follow and alternative tx. Inteferon can and does at times leave people with lasting post sx. I might not agree with 'everything that Lloyd said on this video, but there are many things that he said about interferon that many here on site have said - post sx such as no more thyroid, brain problems,interferon leading to divorce etc. And I found Lloyd W to be a very sincere man - he was very real and not a phony as far as I am concerned.

But anyhow, you may want to open your mind and see another side to the coin. Anyone who suffers from post tx sx and thought Lloyd was a wacko may change there mind after this. I like him alot after seeing this video. Type of guy that I find interesting and some of you might too. As I said, I am on interferon and I wouldn't talk anyone out of it if thats what they choose to do, but I also would understand a person has the right to want to try to live with the virus and try use natural products by use of alternative medicine and ya know what, so what?? llyod is getting rich selling his products, well good for him. Should only pharma and conventional medical doctors make money?

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Well I'm sure everyone has their own opinion about Lloyd Wright.  From the time that I first saw this thread I went and checked out his videos on youtube and I wasn't the least bit impressed with what he had to say.  No big deal, he's selling products that the public can buy on their own.  They're not buying a car or a house, they are buying products that may give them false hope, that they won't have to take that awful sickening interferon.  Well guess what, that awful sickening interferon is the only thing that will clear the virus.  I say if you, not you specifically but anyone reading this wants to buy Milk Thistle or anything else for that matter you don't need a salesman to sell you that stuff, you can buy it on you're own.   In fact if you want to watch his videos then go buy those products, go for it.  
Lloyd Wright reminds me of the few 12step people who I've met in my past, and they're trying to make money off a program that is given away for free.  Just my 2 cents.  
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I have to give you kudos myown for posting that here.
As hard as it may seem to others there are people who have had real trouble with interferon and i am one of them.. Back when i used the medicine 7 years ago ( interferon combo therapy) it was really not well known and my doc left me with very little alternatives. My viral load was under 1 million and alt was 62 not real bad now i know i could have done other things to stave it off or hold it in stasis like diet, exercise and proper vita managment until a better cure comes along.Not that i need lloyd wright to tell me something i already have know for years. It changed me forever and i do not want to discourage anyone from trying it to which they may be free of this disease. Please do not ridicule anyone who has had problems with a particular medicine. IT only shows your lack of compasion. Not everyone responds to drugs the same way as others. I made some real bad moves in my life during and after the treatment (tx). My own family and close friends saw a real personality change  for the worse and to this day i am still recovering.I suffered some real problems with my eye sight, hair,teeth,skin,thyroid and my overall quality of life was dimminished to name a few (personally). Thank God the brain can form new connections with brain exercises. Gods Design. They have only researched 1% of all the natural herbs in the rain forests and many many cures for many diseases have come from there. Who knows what the future holds in medicine.( I understand some have no choice and this drug is there only hope to ridding themselves of this disease). To them i say i hope it works for you and God Speed. After all this is not about money but about peoples lives and there right to have all the info. poss. to make the best educated descions of there life.I want to see all the info be it pro or con and make my own choices. Maybe if my doc back then would have explained the sides a little more i might have chosen a diff. path. Hind sight 20/20 well now 20/ 24
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I think I've been as critical about interferon as most here, and in fact have consistently suggested a watch and wait approach unless there's signficant liver damage.

That said, I just watched the video in question and find it unimpressive, uninformed and irresponsible among other adjectives.

One of his main points is the blanket statement that you're better off living with Hepatitis C than living with the after effects of interferon. Of course, what he fails to acknowledge is the per cent of those with signficant liver damage who go on to cirrhosis and liver failure.

There are responsible alternative medicine practitioners out there like Dr. Misha Cohen and Dr. Zhang. They also acknowledge the dangers of interferon, but they also acknowledge the dangers of Hepatitis C which Lloyd Wright fails to.

My personal take is to stay away from interferon as long as possible, and investigate alternative methods of wellness by all means. But if you take that approach -- often called "Watch and Wait" -- make sure you watch your liver damage on a regular basis with doctor visits and periodic biopsies. Once liver damage becomes significant, it's time to stop watching and start treating.

-- Jim
I agree. Diagnosed in 1991. I watched. I waited. But, from 91-2015 I had 3 liver biopsies and regular blood testing. I quit drinking alcohol and started eating better. The virus remained silently causing havoc in my liver. When my doctor said I was moving into cirrhosis and there was a new treatment he considered a medical breakthrough I was on board. I had just switched insurances and they would cover all but a 135 dollar per month co-pay. Blessed. By the 8th week all blood work showed normal numbers for the first time. The virus is gone but every 6 months full labs, tumor marker and scan. Always take an active part in your healthcare. No matter what.
trudgo, the post you are commenting on is from 2008 likely no one is seeing your comments on a 10 year old thread. Most if not all of the original people who commented are no longer on the forum. I only saw your posts by chance
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He reminds me of a Scientologist or some type of person who says Yes you have advancing cancer but we're not going to trust medicine and science we will JUST pray. Now while I believe the power of prayer can move mountains...it is completely and totally irresponsible for someone to carry on this way.

Interferon sucks however I am SO GRATEFUL I was able to take it to "cure" me of the hep. At stage 3 milk thistle wouldn't cut it.

You can find plenty of herbs and people who advise taking them but be CAREFUL some of these things have not been studied and care have the REVERSE effect that you want.  Milk thistle is fine IF YOU ARE NOT ON TREATMENT however it is NOT going to cure you at all
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like i said Lloyd Wrong talks a good game. guranteed if one of his family had HCV  with advanced liver disease they would be on interferon & riba immediately!
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I don't agree with everything he said and you have to keep in mind he did give SOC a shot - not like he was totally against it. It didn't work for him and IMO that is what he should say as he did say, but he should include that it can work for some and also as you pointed out, if someone is at the point where they don't have the time - they should def tx.

You know me, I am of the belief that if you are stage 0 - tx now and get it over with, so if I was a closed minded person as some might think I am (not you) - I would then be totally against Lloyd W, but I am not. As far as the point that maybe someones health could be at risk if they follow his advice and not tx- yes maybe,but - well, think of it this way,,, there are many docs that laugh at alternative tx for hep and tell people that they MUST tx right now and then the person comes to find out that though this conventional doc wants this virus erradicated as soon as possible, he knows nothing about txing hepc with SOC - he lowers the riba, instead of using procrit,,,,he is txing a g3 for 24 weeks, yet only does his first PCR at week 12. He tells the patient after txing over 36 weeks daily infergen to leave their meds home while on vacation in Florida - hey, vacation is vacation, take a break from those meds, we will resume tx when you get back to the rat race,,,,,,,

See what I mean? So here these doctors (some) are soooooooo against these Alternative meds cause they won't help and yet they have no idea how to treat with SOC - yet they do! Why? I guess they don't realize that the disease can kill the patient? No, that can't be it - they know that.... I guess they are too busy to go to conferences to learn more or maybe tell a person to see a specialist? Why wouldn't they take the time to learn more about hepc and how it is tx - correctly? Would it be that they are doing just what everyone accuses Llyod Wright of doing? They say Llyod is in it for the money - that he knows he can't cure people with his Alternative tx plan....well doesn't that sound like some of these conventional doctors too? They know they can't cure people if they lower riba instead of giving procrit. Can't say they never heard of procrit. I think it becomes too much work for the doctors who don't really care when they have to customize a tx plan, they either are inexperienced or just don't want the extra work - by giving procrit and all of that..So as far as I am concerned the doctors that know squat about hepc and still take on patients are in it for the money and thats it - yet to some,,Llyod is the only one in it for money and other 'snake oil' salesman as some would say. People will tell people - oh your doc doesn't know what he is doing - go to a Hepatologist, but they forget that some of these regular GI doctors are in the 'SOC snake oil business' cause if SOC is not used properly, it is not going to do any better than gargling with salt water everyday thinking you are killing the hepc virus or using Collidal Silver or whatever. So SOC is snakeoil in a way sorta, if its not used properly. It becomes useless.

So ya know what I mean Jim, I agree with you, llyod isn't 100% accurate on it all, but I really don't sense that he is looking to rip people off and not want to see people well and he is not a doctor. There are a few ways you can look at that. But these 'doctors' that should know better than to take on a disease that they no nothing about - even though their title is "GI," they are the ones that are the guilty ones as far as I am concerned. But as I said once before, the mistakes that these GI's make, don't show up for years down the road- the only thing that is seen is that the person failed tx and they have that 50% saftey net that is their excuse,,,,but I wonder how much lower the odds would be if every patient was under proper medical care. If they caused someones tx failure due to poor tx - it may take years until that person gets very sick or even dies from this disease, but still ,if you took a pencil and traced it all back you would land in a room where a patient might have been asking a question before his failed tx or relapse..."hey doc, I heard about this procrit stuff on a forum and instead of lowering my riba, could you give me that drug?"  No, don't listen to everything you read on forums - they are not doctors:)

And Jim, your "Wait and Watch" approach I only recommend for picking out a husband or for a man his wife.. lol
But never would use "wait and watch" for tx. lol

See ya later.
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The question is not Lloyd Wright’s motivations which btw I never questioned, since I have no personal knowledge of him. And truthfully, if he ran a reputable alternative practice like Dr. Misha Cohen or Dr. Zhang – which includes monitoring liver damage and the recommendation of  SOC when relevant – then I really wouldn’t care how much money he makes.

What I did say was that his statements were “unimpressive, uninformed and irresponsible among other adjectives."  I’ll also add another adjective – “dangerous”.

He’s dangerous because he doesn't suggest montioring for liver damage via biopsy; doesn't suggest SOC as an alternative to those with significant liver damage, or those that don't respond to alternative treatments,  like for example Dr. Cohen or Dr. Zhang appear to. This is not a tangential issue as you seem to suggest, but a core issue.

As to what you said about the many doctors who seem to do patients a disservice with shoddy preparation and treatment, and appear to be in it for the money -- I don’t see how the two relate. Those doctors and practices are certainly critizicized here enough, and hopefully people will seek out the best medical care available from the hepatologist population, while at the same time keeping their doctors honest by looking over their shoulders.

-- Jim
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I agree with alot of what you said and I didn't mean to make it sound like you were questioning his motivations - but that has been the case on forum by many people.

And again, without a doubt, monitoring liver damage should be something that he should be recommending. This was the first time I had heard him talk and I was expecting to see a guy with horns and I didn't. He was sincere IMO, but sometimes people can be sincerely wrong too - I agree.. Some of what he said IMO was right but he didn't give the entire picture. But I had that happen to me with doctors too, so its six of one and a half dozen of the other.

I believe it all comes down to the patient. They have to educate themselves because there are way too many choices to make with this disease and tx. To me we have to learn a little of this and a little of that from everyone and then do what we think is best. And Jim, you were and are someone whose opinion and advice I did learn from and will always hold in high regard.

Gotta run,
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Dangerouse is right!   I live in San Francisco, and before and during interferon treatment, I atended a hep C suport group.  These were very active and engadged patiants.  They were not afraid to get a second and third opinion, or to tell a doctor to get stuffed if they didn't like him. They followed theire numbers very carefuly and educated themselves like they were in med school.  Many of them were on alternative therapy with Misha Cohen.
  In short, they were not sheep.
  The majority of them were on interferon treatment.
  One woman entered thge group on deaths door from liver disease.  She had had ascites and enthepolopathy when she entered treatment with Misha Choen.  Chinese medicine helped, but Misha told her that she had to got on interferon/riboviren if she wanted to be cured.  She spent a very difficul year and a half on it, she was crazy moody.  But she was cured.  Six months later, she went mountain climbing in Nepal, and survived.
    It goes without saying that we all had gotten the hepatitus B vacine.  
    I myself had top nothch hepatologists.  I saw three before finding one I could work with.  These were research scientists.  When I found one I could work with, I followed his advice, which included the hep B vacine, prilosac, and an anual flue shot.  Also, one Tylenol before each weekly shot, but never more than one every six hours.
Well, one day a woman came in saying that she had heard that a hepatitus B vacine increases the hep C viral load.  We all were shocked at her misinformation.  Where had she gotten such a strange idea? Obviously, if you have hep C it is esseantial that you get the hep B vacine, if you get both, you will find it much harder to treat.  You will die that much sooner.
    So recently, while ggoling Hep C, I found out where she got her ridiculase idea.  Loyd wrigth.  Who also says that we should not take prilosac, or get a flue shot, or anything that doctors recomend.  Aparently, every doctor, every hepatologist in the world is wrong, and wright is right.
    No, I think not.
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wow , did not think that name would generate that many posts here.

did his program religiously for 3-4 months with following results:

  viral load doubled , enzymes stayed elevated the same , iron levels

just my facts , the rest is opinion
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Not surprising.  And, not surprising that it didn't work either.
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