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long term effects of treatment

I developed fibromyalgia and chronic anxiety after my treatment for hep c. I believe it is a long term side effect from the combination treatment I received and I was wondering if anyone else developed either of these after treatment?

This discussion is related to Are there long-term neurotoxic effects from Ribavirin??-getting worried here.
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I also was diagnosed for Fibro-and put on Lyrica-this was done by a pain management dr.  The Lyrica caused edema in my feet, legs, hands, and face.  Members on this forum asked if I had been to a Rheumatologist-I had not.  I went to a Rheumatologist-diagnose: Not Fibromyalgia!  My Neurologist also agreed with the Pain Management dr HE sent me to.  So have you been to a Rheumatologist?  Have you had the fifteen pressure points tested?  I had been pigeon holed on a suspicion by all of my drs, just to shut me up for a while so thanks to the people on this forum Fibromyalgia was eliminated as a cause to my suffering and I went to a Hepatologist and my sides are all but gone-I had sleep apnea and am now on C-Pap and feeling better every day.  Best of luck frank
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I had anxiety before treatment and started doing accupuncture treatments for it and it really helped alot. My wife usually lets me know I need to go in. If I miss for a while the anxiety really gets out of hand. Otherwise, fatigue is probably the only other side.
Hope you feel better
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I just finished my combination therapy for 4 days ago-I took extra Ribavirin because I was able to tolerate it-and I have decided to give it at least 1-2 months before getting disappointed about the way I feel.
For some reason I expected to wake up next day-jump out of bed and feel happy and full of positive energy.... Sorry to hear you developed a permanent condition doing your treatment-I hope you feel better.
How long did it take you to feel better after you where finished ? Did you know right away that something was not right ?
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anxiety is the worse feeling.. I tend to hyperventalate.
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