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long term side effects of riba/peg

I am just cleared my 9th month of no viral load, but I feel these drugs have screwed with body. I have been off the "mix" for 1 year. Still depressed,anxious, toll on diabetes, heath in general. Can someone help? or give my a path to find out!
Thank you all/ HAPPY NEW YEAR  
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Are you eating healthy foods   do you drink tap water...do you eat commericial meats .do you eat junk and fast  foods...are you using commericial soaps and toothpastes....this wont help to get you back on your feet...do you smoke  of drink now?...
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Hello rmk, and welcome aboard the good ship Medhelp..I don't think you are in the minority with your lingering side effects. I am at about the same point in this journey as you, about 10 months post treatment, clear also. I as well feel I'm still in an uphill battle. You didn't mention your age, I mention this because,I think I can rationalize some of my symptoms to just being a couple of years older than when I recieved my diagnosis. I also think we are just more acutely aware of aches,pains, mood changes etc. after going through the HCV process, still shell shocked if you will. All I can suggest is to push, and seek medical advise/guidance as needed..Unfortunately there is no real clear answer to your question...Personally, rockers hinting at living in a bubble isn't for me, but whatever floats your boat.
Best of luck and Happy New Year,
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Oh boy.  The cause of your continued side effects is not necessarily a direct result of the forementioned.   Please note that.  At the bottom right hand corner to this page under most viewed health pages you will see " see all health pages".  Click on that and then click on the drop down arrow in the category box to testimonials.  Then click on
"Side Effects From the Treatment Drugs Both During and After Treatment".  This should give you an pretty good idea of what people experience before, during and after treatment.
Hope you feel better -  And if you're like the majority of us who consume tap water and commercial products that's ok.  You are not the "exception" by doing so.
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Please note Pro's post and mine crossed and I am referring to Rockers bubble theory as well.
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Dont burst my bubble.
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-7 degrees here this morning, blowing snow and a refreshing 25 mph wind...I need my red meat and all the minerals my well water will supply me with..
Real men don't eat Quiche, and they sure as hell don't eat tofu chased  with distilled water.................;^)
Happy New Year!!!!!
(now that security camera on your building....that's interesting, what kind of air do you monitored people breath?)
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