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looking for opinuns on virral counts

Hi just got my 24 week load counts   a little history first. Base line count 524,472  12 week count 6,564  24 week count was up to 7,300 . I know my 24 week should have been a bit lower but the question is   has anyone heard of viral count going up at 24 weeks I am using scherings  peg intron plus 5 rebetol per day for my weight it should be 6 but I have low platelets thus only 5 per day also on Neupogen for low white count. The Doctor has kept me on tx cause he is quite agressive and I also told him I did not want to go thru all this hell to just give up .
       Thank you for your imput   143    Jim
Buy the way I do infact have cerious and also a spelling problem
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Wish I could help. You and I are at about the same point in treatment and faced with your numbers I don't know if its worth continuing with treatment or not but be patient because you will get many answers here they just may be slow on the weekend. Some one I'm sure has been in your situation. Hang in there.
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Last week after about a year of the doctor fooling around with one test after the other I had the "big" appointment for the ya or nay on Peg-Interferon/Riboviran combination therapy. The thing that shook my confidence in his competence was his response to my question about my Viral Count. The first/baseline was 800,000. The second after four months of Super Milk Thistle was 600,000. I did not tell the doctor I had been taking the Milk Thistle until I had asked for the result of the 2nd viral count. Here's what shocked me. His response was that the difference in the viral count doesn't mean anything because you can have that large variance in the numbers from the same blood sample. HUH? If that's true then wouldn't it seem reasonable to expect say three different counts and then take the average?? Perhaps I'm ignorant but somethings just not making sense?
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