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losing weight on tx


iam On triple treatment with incivek,week 17 now.I thought when I finished with the incivek my weight will go up again,but in the opposite,I lost since some kilos.
My appetite is  better now with just the 2 meds and I feeling fine,go working every day and in the weekends I walk 1 hour a day.
but my weight stays the same and doesn't go up.
I have to say iam very thin and have always an eye on my weight.
does anybody expirience the similar effects?
how many kilos did you lose or gain while on treatment?
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i gained 25 pounds just before and during tx..about 10 before...i already started my fat and drinking water before tx ...then during tx to my surprise i gained the rest...lost about 8 pounds four months post tx...about 15 to go...billy
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I did triple with Vic    Weight start of tx 114.    End of tx 116.
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I lost 36 lbs my first time on peg/ribo during the 48 weeks-, I finished in June 2011.  I relapsed at 3 month checkup.  I gained back 20 lbs and I'm 6 weeks into trip therapy with incivek, I have gained about 6 pounds so far.  I hope I start to lose weight again after stopping the incivek.--I could use the weight loss--Most of my weight loss on just the 2 meds was mostly in the beginning up through the middle of treatment.  I gained my taste buds back and food tasted so much better.  Your appetite will get better and better as time goes on.  good luck to you.
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I gained 4 pounds on Incivek but have lost 16 pounds in the 9 weeks since I finished that part of tx, so I have a net loss of 12 pounds so far and I still have another 25 weeks of tx to go. On the other hand, during my previous tx (15-16 months on the 2 drugs) I ended up gaining about 10 pounds on tx. I haven't been trying to lose weight, although I have pounds to spare, so I don't know why it is dropping off this time. If you don't have any to spare then you should probably ask your doctor for advice on keeping your weight steady through tx. Good luck!
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My husband's weight has stayed the same so far throughout triple tx (currently week 27/48).
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  I wish I could relate. I was hoping I would lose weight on treatment but I gained while taking INC. I did drop  what weight I gained but now I  am back where I started.    If you want to gain weight add about 400 to 500 calories   to what you already eat each day....  Add a high  calorie protein shake or you could do like me and add a couple of scopes of Ben and Jerry's at night .  Good luck with the rest of your treatment.
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