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low body temperature

I am 1 year and 2 months svr. Yesterday I felt little bit odd  (brain fog, nose congestion, fatigue)and I checked my body temperature. I had 35,5(?!) So, what is this? Could it be consequence of my pegasys+riba tx? Is this related to my previous hepc at all? Or does it indicate some problem with my liver again?
Thank you for your answers,
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Likely it's a flu or cold coming your way.  Take care of yourself a few days, stay hydrated and then check with your doc unless big symptoms come up.  After a year and a half of svr and time for your liver to recover I hope you are fully recuperated and staying healthy.
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I never told you WHAT or NOT to say, you seen a little slow so let me explain it to you.

I said : Please heed the words of FLguy, they are wise words from one vet to another.

I saw no command in what I said.


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And we were doing so well on the other thread; communicating, interracting, acting like people who reach out to each other. Since you acknowledge that I can offer an opinion. I'll offer another.  I think you popped in a couple of months ago when we were introduced to K2.  K2 was sort of like a housefly.  House flies have 2 life span possibilities. Either they get swatted  and squished (Phil) or, the residents of the house learn that they need to put up with the pest that has a life span of three days during which they may swat a few times but know if they just ignore the pest it's demise is a short spiral flight to the floor.  In either case, the fly ends up as no more than a dark speck in a dust pan that is just added to the rest of the trash. Be nice Space, it's not that difficult.  Have a differeing opinion? Join in debate, not denigration.
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Your time overseas has as much to do with the freedom of speeach as my time in the jungles had with the defeat of communism.  This is not about the freedon to say what you want.  It is about civility, respect and reasonable communication with people. Come by anytime, but please leave your petulance at the door - like you would an umbrella.
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Could be an allergy, I have been suffering in NY with it.  There is green pollen every where here.  

BTW-- Watching Jimmy Buffet on the today show in NY, they are great.

Spacecoast-- please heed the words of FLguy, they are wise words from one vet to another.


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Hipps,,,I don't think so,,,,sounds like you maybe just sick with cold,,allergies or something on that order.  I know that since being off the tx,,,,the first year out,,,I still never caught anything.  I just recently had a bout of some kind of stomach virus and was thinking when I started feeling bad,,,,Ohhh know,,,,its back or tx is going to haunt me lol   I really think the interferon is in our system for along time after quitting and we still are protected against catching anything.  I could be wrong but just a thought!  Glad to see you made it though and are clear.  Let us know how you are feeling in a few days!
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There are times when men need to stand Down, and this one of them.

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Seeing your doc is definitely a good idea.  Ask him to check your thryoid, a low body temp is one hangover symptom of tx, plus the fatigue.  I went for months, feeling kicked-a$$, just wrote it off to "Everything Hep C", but finally, when my hair started fallin out, I saw a doc and he diagnosed hypothryoidism.  A very common after-effect of interferon.  And easily treatable, find out, no reason to be tired all the time.  And then.....well, it could just be the flu.  Take care.

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I truly do not understand why people that have finished tx over a yr ago, and get sick with something, immediately think is related to hcv or tx. If you did not have the symptoms prior, during, or shortly post tx, if it has been yrs after svr, it is most likely the normal course of living and germs.
Hipps, it is not personal, you are not the only one with the concern, but please go to your PCP if you are concerned. He is the only one who can find the answers.
good luck, and enjoy that coveted SVR!
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I don't know what 35.5 is? It can't be farenheit. My body temp has been 95 degrees and I have read I could be dead with this temp. I have talked to the Dr's. They say don't worry about it. I just cover up with blankets. Sometimes my face feels hot but my temp is very low. All I come up with is hypothermia. I have heard temps can go up or down with infections, perhaps you are getting a bug.
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My low temps started before tx, after my bile obstruction. Perhaps I have had these before...I remember hitting 104 degrees very fast when I am extremely ill in the past. Does your face get hot even though your temp is low?

My sides are hanging in there, not so bad today ,except I look like Herman Munster.

My sprinkler guy asked me what was wrong this morning. I told him I was on Chemo, he asked,"what for?" I said a blood disorder, he says Leukemia? I didn't say anything and he went on to tell me his wife had it, he knows my Dr, etc. He told me he made his wife comfortable by keeping anything she needed close by. Sweet guy. It seems impossible to get away from saying what's wrong even when you really don't want to.  

It is really weird to read posts to Space? and not see any from him. Boy they sure know how to send in the cleaners!
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you gotta way with metaphors...which branch of the military were you in?
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Did you just have a cold drink before you took your temp?
What time of day was it? Early morning low temp could indicate hypothyroidism
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