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low wbcs on solvadi interferon and ribavirin

My 4 week results showed slight anemia but my wbcs were 1.54 and neut were low so she asked me to lowered my interferon dosage to 135 MCG and rib to 800mg.  I feel really conflicted about this.  I relapsed from triple therapy last time. I had a dosage reduction. I understand solvadi is different. So are my SVR odds lower w dosage reductions?
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I have read that the reductions seen thus far have not reflected status approaching EOT12, with Sovaldi therapy.  I understand how you feel as I would also be nervous too, but according to stats so far, it has been an unissue
What is your hmg showing?
Dosage reduction was mentioned for me when hmg was hovering around 10.
WBC was not brought up or neuts, but know they go hand and hand.  I'm a female weighing 110, and my dosing for the Riba was 1200 daily.  I did in fact reach SVR 12 EOT .
Let me take a look back at my WBC and give you reference for comparison

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Hi again.  I realize you did triple therapy, while I had Sov/Riba less interferon.   Can't speak of the interferon reduced dosage, only the Riba.  I do know others will chime in for a heads up answer to that question.
Since interferon was out of my equation my WBC didn't suffer to much.  Looked back and it semi stayed in the 5.5 range, while the neuts were 2.5.
Do believe the Sovaldi is the main ingredient in this mix of drugs.  Would not worry because I have stopped all these drugs and do know the Riba stayed with me for an additional few months EOT.  After ending Tx still had all the sides just as tho I was still treating.
Think your in the clear and believe this will not effect outcome.
Be well
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I had told my doctor's office, right from the start, that I did not want to dose reduce and that I wanted rescue meds instead.  So, I've already had one shot of Neupogen and I'm still on the same dosage of Interferon as I started with. 185.  I'm still on 5 Riba a day, too.  But, I'm sure that every doctor has there own way of doing things.  It's just what with my long history of not clearing, I didn't want to have any chance at breakthrough virus.  I get my 2nd viral load on 8/13 - week 8.  

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I am sorry, I should have said 180, not 185... oops, my error.  Anyhow, I am having good thoughts for you that you will still be SVR and that this will have no effect on your getting there.  I think that the Sovaldi and Riba work anything irregardless to the amount of interferon.  Susan400
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My wbcs and neuts have gone down even more. Now she wants me to stop interferon until it goes back up. She also talked about maybe just waiting til the new stuff comes out that I'm no tolerating the interferon this time around. I wonder why it's different this time.
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Why not use Neupogen??    
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