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many questions-open post

im still fairly new here, not sure if this is the way to do this. with so many people needing help and so many helping each other it seems the threads get buried so fast. I try not to waste threads so when i posted i asked MANY Probably not a good idea since they get lost. I dont want to waste anybody's time but i know people don't go way back down all those threads. so i'm copying random ?'s from my previous posts and hope they will be of help to others also.
does anyone know if high RA factor causes symptoms and does that return to normal with tx. also does cryoglobulemia go away with tx? I mentioned in a previous post that i have narcolepsy are there any others with it. That makes me worried about tx too. I think the hepc made the narc. flare up and im not sure how tx will be if I am already fighting severe fatigue with numerous meds. sorry so many ????
? Have any of you had problems from tx that don't go away. Is there any where to get info on docs. can i assume that if I am seeing a hepatologisbt i can feel Im in good hands or are there some with bad reps?
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post your questions-by all means..many patients w/ lots of info,personal experience&sympathy..sounds like ya got yourself a v good doc-just find a friend onthe medteam that yu can relate to&call upon when yu need ...AD's will help,perhaps rite NOW!!! this is a tuff trx&a difficult decision,but stress won't help you whatsoever,in fact it mess's w/ our immune system -focus,relax,laugh when atall possible......could the narcolepsy be fatigue from hepc??? goodluck&keep posting
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Im wondering if there isn't some new info or study somewhere on starting tx with infergen. I was told by my docs nurse that this is his standard tx.(daily infergen & riba),im worried also because she didn't say at what dose but did say that he is different than other docs in that he treats very aggresivly. Im also not shure if that is his standard for all hepc or just geno 1a. I suposedly have a "world reknown" hepatologist and have been told I'm lucky to have gotten him so does that mean I should go with his insticnts? Dr. David Van Theil anyone hear of him. He does practice in a couple different states I think he has started up liver transplant teams in 5 states and opened a liver/hepatitis clinic here in Milwaukee a couple years ago. But he definatly focuses right in on your liver (and the whole body) hes very thorough but he doesn't see that the patient still has a life outside the clinic. Iam just really torn now about starting tx. id like to just go bac in denial like i have been for the 20 years but i now have sx. I haven't seen anybody talk about prozac for AD for tx. Are the other meds I see here better for tx related depression
my stats so now I am at a point where I have to make a decision about treatment. For some reason Im not dealing well with making this decision, I getting all teary eyed and emotional as I'm writting this and I am not usually a blubbery type person. anyway... on to my info. I am genotype 1a, my viral load was 27,000,000, my hepatologist felt this might be lab error so he ran a different test for viral load, that result read >7,000,000. Fibrospect II test result was index 12 or metavir F0-F1. CT of the abdomen showed moderate prominence of the central biliary ducts but no obstructing process and no hepatic mass. I did have a biopsy done but have not seen my doc yet for interpetation of the results. the test results read - Needle biopsy: 1)Chronic hep. c with moderate portal inflamation, mild piecemeal necrosis and mild to moderate fibrosis, HAI index 8-9/16. 2) Iron stain is negative. My AST and ALT are both normal!.I do have elevated cholesterol and triglicerides and a very high Rheumatoid factor (218).
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I am glad you reposted your questions, and I think it is perfectly fine if not encouraged to ask more than one in a post!  Glad you found use here, but I wish it were under different circumstances!  As you can see, we all like to have a lot of fun and keep things light.  
About your questions. YES Hep C is associated with high RA factor which is associated with many symptoms consistent with hep symptoms.  I know that it CAN resolve on treatment, but it may not.  The same goes for the cryo.  I know of at least a few people in here who have had that resolve during the course of treatment.  I am unsure of how hep c and narcolepsy might be related and do not recall any posts about this since I've been around.  
I just stopped treatment last wednesday, so I don't know if I have any unresolved symptoms yet.  I do know that your body can take a year or more to recover from treatment.  Some people around here DO have lingering side effects from treatment but not all.  
Hope that helps a little.  Sorry I don't have more personal insight to lend.  I have a feeling some people will be along with good links for you!
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sorry so long and so rambled, thats bits & pieces of other posts. its too bad as people have mentioned before that so many threads are wasted. Not on what people say, I belive everyone's comments are important no matter what subject! but so many threads have only a couple posts on them. the oldtimers here that are trying to help are trying to answer ? for newbies and keep up with friends, it must be getting very difficult to keep scrolling through all the threads. But you sure are doing a great service and your much appreciated by many!
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thanks for the info now and previously about my daughter. still waiting for her results but im not to worried
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I think I was posting my response at the same time as you were posting the rest of your questions earlier.  I'm sorry this is overwhelming.  All of us here can identify with that.  It is not easy, lots of info to figure out and digest.  I did look for some articles for you, but didn't find anything that was recent enough for my liking.  I bet some others will be along with good info!  Hang in there. Sending hugs your way!
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