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I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice.I am in a clinical trial for r05024048.Almost everyday I am very nausiated which is preventing me to eat very much without forcing it down.My trial nurse has given me two different medicines to help with the nausea.But they don`t work.I have read marijuana does work,and would help me eat again.I just don`t know if I would get kicked out of the trial if they discovered thc in my blood.Also I am not sure if it would harm my liver in any way or interfer with the interferon and riba and the trial drug.There seems to be a difference of opinion on what marijuana may or may not do to the liver.
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It's worth a try.  Whatever will get you through treatment.  I read some of your prior posts.  If you are able to use MJ for the side effects there is a great convienience that you face; working at Hershey's.  Brownie Division?
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Sorry to hear you feel so miserable. While I don’t have the particulars to your study, by guess is that if they find you’re smoking pot, it’ll be a deal breaker. You should have copies of study documents; read through them carefully, and consider the implications.

There is a pretty large body of evidence from controlled scholarly studies that suggests heavy marijuana use increases hepatic fibrosis, too. What is disputed is the definition of ‘heavy’; would a puff or two now and then cause harm? And when they studied these pot smokers, where these folks concurrently using other substances such as alcohol that might skew results?

My personal feeling is that in the long run, there might be net benefit by increasing compliance, and keeping those that suffer on full dose HCV meds. Other opinions differ, LOL!

There are several antiemetics available to prescribe; if Phenergan or Reglan don’t work, ask for compazine, etc. There are some that are available in suppository form if you can’t get the oral down (or keep it down), and even injectable forms are available.

Ginger can really help too; try a cup of green tea with slices of raw ginger root, or you can buy candied ginger in some stores. Also supplemental ginger in whole/health food outlets…

Trying to eat simple, neutral food like plain rice, oats, things that are easily digestible might help too?

Best of luck—

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It does help, but I have no idea what it will do to the trials and whether or not they will throw you out.  Don't agree with taking more man made drugs over the counter or otherwise to counteract these horrible drugs we are on.  Weed is natural, comes from the earth.  It hasn't hurt me and when I feel really bad, smoking helps, not just with the eating, also the psychological effects.  Talk to the people who you are going through the trials with and see what they say.  Gave this advice to a friend of mine who lost 45 pounds in the first month, poor guy didn't know what to do.  Spoke with him last week, he gained almost all of his weight back and feels better, weed does work.
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cant believe you think you should take drugs like this! is it legal?
can you be ejected if caught out?
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Unless you are being specifically tested for drug use, marijuana usage would not show up in your regular labs.

This subject has been debated within the community. Some researchers claim it is beneficial, others claim the reverse. I always try to find the source of the research before forming my view.

One study claims it is beneficial because it keeps patients from stopping treatment. Another claims it increases fibrosis.
The problem with studies is they often do not take into consideration other facts.

My suggestion is if you use it, do so in moderation.

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Thank you for all of your advice.But I think Bill is right,I would get kicked out of the study,and I don`t want that to happen.My doctor did prescribe compazine,but doesn`t seem to be working.I will manage somehow,because I won`t stop.After 2weeks my viral load is down to167.I am waiting for this weeks results.
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