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what about smoking pot?
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In relation to what???
My opinion is that smoking anything cannot be good for you.
Some of us have used marijuana to relieve the symptoms of Hep. C and/or treatment. My Dr. okay'd it, as it is easier on the liver than habitual use of tylenol.
When I was in severe pain this past year or two, I used it with a vaporizer. Some eat it in baked goods. In my state it is legal, so I wasn't putting myself at risk legally. It really helped with the pain and leg cramping as well as insomnia.
Now that I feel better, I rarely vaporize. I don't like to be dependent on anything, so for me, I am happy to stop.
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Good question.  It does help with pain, nausea and insomnia . . . hubby used in VT (legal) with vaporizer too.  Now we are in AZ and we cannot get it unless he becomes a resident of AZ . . . We are here for at least 48 more weeks, so we are going to consider it as there are going to be dispensaries opening near or on Aug 12, 2012.  My husbands treatment doctor believes that Marijuana causes problems with the liver, but again, so does Tylenol, so that is where the personal choice comes into play.  A herb vs. a chemical . . . I guess the only way to figure it out is to try it for yourself.  The expense of the herb vs. the chemical could be a factor.  Insurance companies do not pay for the herb....  so?  Then, quality of life could be the question... for my husband the herb vaporized helped with his quality of life more positively than the Tylenol or the oxycodone or the fentanyl patch.  But our problem is 1. paying for the drug of choice and 2. being legal and 3. access to the herb . . .

Good luck to you with your decision, there is a lot of paperwork involved, but for my husband and me (his moods were SO SO SO much better with the herb) the herbal choice made, was the best for him and me!  Now we just have to figure it out again here in AZ . . .
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My hepatologist is okay with most anything that keeps you on treatment.

I found cannabis brownies took the intense muscle pain away better than tylenol. Once I figured it out, I started eating one after my interferon shot each week.

Look at it this way, nobody's ever landed up in the hospital for an emergency liver transplant from using too much pot. This has happened with tylenol.
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Look at it this way, nobody's ever landed up in the hospital for an emergency liver transplant from using too much pot

I used to end up cowereing in corners ....all paranoid ..er    tho  

Hey OH..hope all is good in your world...

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Yes ! Good for me~not sure about the world.
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As long as "  Your World " is good !
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I tried pot when on treatment.Didn't work for me smoking it.Bad throat from 2nd hand smoke.You talk of a vaporizer.Any good recommendations?
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Whether it helps or not is up to the individual, but I think everyone should be aware that some transplant centers will remove you from their registered list if you tell them you smoke or they find it in your urine.

Good Luck !

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I remember being reading that Mount Ceders did just that:

"Cedars-Sinai spokeswoman Sally Stewart told the Huffington Post that the hospital's policy regarding transplant candidates and marijuana use is because of a mold called aspergillus that is found in marijuana. She explained, "Aspergillus does nothing to most people but in a liver transplant patient, whose immune system is so weakened, it can cause a fatal lung infection."


But for Hepatitis C (with no transplant issues)
Patients with chronic hepatitis C infection should not use marijuana daily, ... cannabis use experienced an even greater risk of liver fibrosis.


But for every article that says it may be risky I bet there is another that maintains it is not.
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Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana with Hepatitis C Hepatitis Central News.

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For a few months after my transplant they I was taking an antibiotic called Bactrim as preventive medicine for the above mentioned lung infection.

I doubt it's a danger to us post transplant once we've recovered from the surgery. It certainly hasn't hurt me !

It is a reason used to deny transplants. Anyone with ESLD who is headed towards being listed, should not use any form of the herb.
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Oh poo poo I say to the paper on increased liver fibrosis from smoking pot!!
I have been a daily user (now legally acquired) for 35yrs or more, have had HepC for 36yrs. Up until 3yrs ago my liver stayed exactly the same, stage 1 grade 1, now I'm stage 1 grade 2. Probably caused by my increased interest in drinking beer and wine in the last 3yrs. Not daily I just enjoyed sampleing different flavors on occasion. I know thats bad but thats what floated my boat.
I have just finished triple tx, time will tell how it worked out. So far UND but last tx in 2005 I was the same until 6 months EOT and then relapsed. I've not started sampleing again since I've noticed the connection between increased drinking and increased liver damage. All the smoking pot did NOT affect my liver. I've had 3 liver Dr.s in the past 20 yrs. and not one of them declared pot as being bad for your liver.
Just saying...
To each his own...
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Well heck, I am a year late, again.
Just want to add, I am a G3, dual therapy (peginterferon-alfa2a & ribavirin). Currently at the end of my 31st of 48 week tx.
I have had little or no fun most of that time, all but refusing the pain meds my Dr.s will give, tramadol, hydrocodone.Try as I might to get a script for MMJ they refuse to write, but say they have no problem if I do get a script. Both agree of the possible benefit of eliminating not only pain meds but also, possibly help with my stomach issues.
Okay point, last Friday a 4.20 chocolate bar found it's way to me. I can honestly say these past 5 days have been a lot less psychically as well mentally  stressful. I was actually got with a smile on my face, imagine.  
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most studies involve inhaling the pot smoke that is why it causes damage.Eating it will by pass that and you can then determine which strin works best cooked. Some transplant ***. will not keep you on if you use pot hough. You should check that our first, even though Hep C is on the list of ppl who can get pot leagally.
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I think pot is okay...can't do because of this liver tp ...they'd  kick me off....and I just got thru working for a company that would test me about 4 -6 times a year because they knew I was a stoner in the past.  But they finally figured out that I just acted silly pot or no pot....so they stopped.

And don't you think it is weird that the states that just legalized pot it is not illegal to smoke it but you can still lose your job if the company you work for does a drug test on you because they don't have to employ anyone who shows up positive for it. Liability and all that...guess I wouldn't want a stoned nurse or surgeon doing something to me or what if you had a real stoner in quality control for a company....ha...

But anyway....I'll hold off...hopefully get tp....get through the next 6 months but still may not be able to because they will still have to treat my Hep C.
Bummer Summer.
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