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My docter just prescribed me neurontin for what they are calling "nerve" pain.  Have any of you ever taken it?...is it good or bad?...Ive heard both and Ive been trying to look it up...but I just started treatment also and I already take enough pills...but if its going to help I willtake it...My right leg has alot of nerve damage and deep scar tissue and it bothers me pretty bad...but for some reason they wont prescribe me pain meds that I can just take when Im in pain...they want me to take this one so I have to be on it all the time...I kinda feel like they think Im a drug addict or something and I want to yell at them....its so hard to chase toddlers around when your limping...Im a stay at home mom by the way...my fiance is a truck driver so I have no help really...I cant just lay in bed cause Im in pain....is there anything I can do to get them to help me more?  I know someone once told me that docters dont like prescribing pain meds to hep C patiens cause some of them think were all drug addicts...I really hate that...I guess Im just being a complainer...anyways...if youve heard or taken neurontin if you could let me know ifits a good pain managment drug Id appriciate the help! thanks so much guys...by the way...so far this is my first week and Im feeling alot better now...Im not having any SX from the ribba yet...it doesnt even mess with my stomach...not yet at least  and I take seven of em a day....three in the morning and four at night...I hope everyone is feeling good this week! and Ill keep you all updated on how Im doing!
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Hi, I have never taken it but I read the side effects and honestly don't know if I would


Sorry I couldn't give you any more info.  I might have to find another doctor if it was me


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I took it for many years...my Rheuma doc prescribed for my Fibro and nerve pain.  Honestly...I can't really tell you if it worked.  It will make you tired and that's not going to help you.

Do you have a Rheumatologist (sp?)?  You need one for the nerve pain anyhow...and that doc can prescribe you either pain meds or other meds to help you with the pain.

If this doc is a Rheuma...then find another one.  I had one that didn't have an issue prescribing narcotic meds with my HepC...but those docs are out there.  You just want to kick them so they will feel your pain...and then deny them meds!!  HA!!

You may want to try the Neurontin...it will take a while to get in your body so you'll have to wait and see if it helps.  I've heard it is truly a great drug for nerve pain but I've heard the bad stuff too.  It may also help with any depression you may have...always a plus.  

I'm sure I've thoroughly confused you now...sorry.

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thanks guys...Im gonna go yell at them and tell them Im n ot somekind of drug seeking freak....I just take so many drugs already for this hep C I dont want to add more I have to take three times a day  I just want something that when I am in pain I can take and it will feel better...
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I feel like a druggie since I started tx. 7 ribas,  the AD, the xanax, the Ibuprofen, Prilosec for tummy from so many pills. Not to mention the weekly shot. Did I mention after starting tx I had to stop the chantix for smoking because it gave me hives.

Then they want to act like I want all this?

I even asked my doc about a pill I found listed on here that is processed by the kidneys. I couldnt even pronounce the name and he acted like I was insane. lol

Which I think he was right for me. Ibuprofen works plenty well when I take it. Ive always had this thing about pain meds. Even a plain ole Tylenol, that if I take something to mask the pain and something is badly wrong, then I wont know it and could possibly die LOL

Good luck and God Bless
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