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new at treatment

How do I chart my virus levels correctly?
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Welcome to the forum.

There are "trackers" on the profile page.You can keep track of your blood count levels on the Complete Blood Count tracker and you can keep track of your viral loads as well as your AST, ALT, Bilirubin, and Albumin on your Hepatitis C tracker. There is a place on those thrackers towards the bottom where you can also put in side effects of treatment.

To get to the trackers hover over "My Med Help." Then click on "Trackers."
This should take you to the tracker page. I believe that you can also get to the trackers by just clicking Profile and they are listed there on the right hand side. If you click on "Add a Tracker" several will come up to choose from.

Here is what the CBC tracker looks like:

Here is what the Hep C tracker looks like:

To enter the data, hover over the date and then click on it. A list of tests will come and you can add the results.

When you enter your VL the tracker wants it in millions. So, for instance, mine was 14,000,000. I had to put in 14.4, not 14,000,000. If your VL is 900,000 then put in 0.9 or .9.

The CBC tracker is pretty straightforward. Only the WBC is picky about how you enter it.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions just ask and we will help.
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Do you have Excel software?

If yes, recommend using it to enter the viral load test results, and test dates, and then tell Excel to produce a graph.

Eradication of the virus is a logrithmic function, which is a function that decreases at a decreating rate. Excel easily models logrithmic data sets.

Let me know if you have questions. Cheers, GB
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Well when I first observed this site, before starting treatment last week, I could have swore I saw someones "viral load" from the start and how it went down to zero, during treatment.It drew a line on the chart from start to finish of treatment. Charting how the treatment went.
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It would be nice to know your background.  We have no idea what you are talking about.  Other than that, welcome to the circus!
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