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new gene therapy

I am new here!!! I just found this forum. I was telling my husband how great it is. We found out two years ago he has hep c and he waited until 5 weeks ago to start the treatment. Things aren't going well. His platelet count dropped to 100. If he can't tolerate the riboviron/iterferon combo, they will pull him off the treatment.

Has anyone heard a the new gene therapy for hep c that isn't approved yet?

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My husband also has HCV and this forum has been my world now for about 4 months. I can't help you on your question about gene therapy but I can provide some insight on Platelets.

Dr. Dieterich is Vice Chair and Chief Medical Officer Department of Medicine at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and an attending physician at New York University Tisch Hospital. He states the following:

I would not reduce dose personally if there were no sign of bleeding. There is a cytokine that can be used to raise platelet counts called Neumega. It is IL-11 and does work reasonably well. You should ask your MD about it. The lower the platelets the more your husband needs the interferon!

My husband is on both Neupogen and Procit, he has not had an easy time with the med's. We (I) am very assertive in doing research and making sure that the Dr's listen to me. Everyday I hold my breath and hope he won't develop some other problem that could potentially take him off his meds. It's one day at a time...

Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

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Thank you Debbe!!

I guess the problem with the platelet booster we are facing is the insurance company. The drug they want him to take has not been fda approved for hcv patients. Funny though, they use the same drug for chemo patients for the exact same thing. Go figure.

I hope things go well for you and your husband. It is very difficult to seem them going through something this tough.

All we can do is stand by them and make sure they know we are there for them.

prayer and thoughts to you both!!

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A platelet count of 100 is not bad at all.  Most doctors won't cut dosage until it falls below 50.  My daughter's count actually went as low as 28 before they considered cutting dosage or stopping treatment.  I would definitely keep an eye on the numbers, but I don't think any insurance company will approve a booster for a number as high as 100 while on treatment.

Hope this helps,

Good luck to you and have a wonderful holiday..
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Wow, that's low. His Doc says if it drops to 80 they stop treatment.

I suppose it is at the Doc's discretion.(guessing)!!

thank you!! Have a wonderful holiday

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Sharon, my doc is the same as Travelmom's....doesn't consider platelets too low til they get down to 50.
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Neumega is FDA approved since 11-1997. It is at the Dr's discretion which can be very frustrating. It took us 4 different Doctors before we found one that listens to us and doesn't automatically reduce meds at the first sign of trouble. Nuemega has a website, click <A href="http://nuemega.com">Here</A>.
Keep us posted,

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