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new to this

im starting my second week of pegysus and ribiveren and this sucks. the body aches the headaches and emotional roller coaster ride have me feeling like im dope sick again. what is the treatment besides tylenol for these pain issues and has marinol ever been perscribed for someone who is going through this treatment?
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Hi and sorry to hear about all the pain and aches.  This meds are very strong I think of it like
poison going into your body........

On week 14 of tx and feeling a bit better today.  Was very sick the first 6 weeks and kinda got use to it.
I take one Aleve 30 min before the shot works for me and take a nice bubble bath.
I still get headaches and joint pains but mild.        

If the tylenol don't work try other over the counter. I'm not a doctor its up to you.

feel better and keep going  

good Luck

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My heptalogist was always happy to hand out scripts for painkillers, anything to keep me on tx. However, my heating pad was my best friend for pain relief during tx. Deep breathing exercises helped me too. And it does change. Some days are better than others.       Hope it lightens up on you,               OH
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Im on week 14 the first month was horrible and week 7 was even worse. The past two weeks its seems its gotten better, Im exhausted though.

I never had body aches, fever.
Just fatigue, weakness, and in the first two weeks headaches.

I did have 2 horrible throat infections 2 weeks apart.
Make sure you drink lots of water.
Ths will   pass you will feel better.
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error::my message should have been addresssed to sickboy.

takesa coule of monthe b4 meds accumulate in your system and level off
hoping you feel better
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'Dope sick' is a good description of what tx feels like. Marinol, phenergan, and hydrocodone will all help, but if you have a history of substance abuse, I'd suggest going to 12 step meetings or some other type of counseling while you are using them.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. Today sucks!!! I took my shot last night and it feels horrible, not only phisically but emotionally. I feel broken. God to think that I have a year of this to look forward to. I have maxed out on the ammount of tylenol that I am supposed to take already and now there is nothing more i can do to feel better. I am really feeling low and on the verge of tears or going into a maniacal rage. just way up and down. Feels good though to type this and know someone is out there that knows what I am talking about. How suicidal does this stuff make people? How many close calls have you had or friends that you know? What does one do except push on through? Am i going to feel hopeless for a whole year? Has any one had a relationship or marriage end due to this treatment? Is there some type of support group for my wife and what she is going through with me being sick?    Thanks
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Don't think of it as 46 more weeks to go, break it down into 4-8 week segments or it will be overwhelming.  You will get your 4 week labs coming up soon with a viral load so just look at it til then, or when you see the doc for your 4 weeks results (in 5 or 6 weeks).  When you get a good report which hopefully you will, it'll give you insentive to look ahead another 6 weeks or so.  Make sure you get copies of your labs.  

I'm sure you can find a supoort group in your area, or not too far away anyway-ask your doc.
Also, have your wife go with you to your doc appt.'s so he or she can explain to your wife exactly what you are going through and what she can expect.  (This really should have been done pre-tx)
Everyone reacts different to tx and symptoms come and go.

If you start to feel real bad mentally, call your doc, get something for pain (It doesn't have to be a narcotic) and a AD for depression or xanax for anxiety.  
There are drugs out there to help you through this...
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.. have no idea how old you are...but I am truly sorry you have to go thu this. My hubby is on week 33 of 72 weeks...and yes, he feels rotten a lot of the time.

Tylenol is not liver friendly..are you taking Tylenol 3 (codeine) or Lortab? either one will help more with the pain that plain Tylenol, which my hubby finds useless. He is also on a good antidepressant, which he wasn't going to take, but now reccommends very highly to anyone on TX. Part of the pain was the deep depression he sank into. The anger you feel is what they call "Riba Rage" and it's very real and very unpleasant for those who have it and those who live with the people who have it. (AND I believe the divorce rate among TXer's is pretty high...no surprise. I had to promise myself I would NOT leave my hubby for the 72 weeks he was treating and it has been hard. He is not himself at all.)

The anxiety can be treated with Xanax, Klonipin, Ativan...you don't need to suffer. And I agree with enigma that you can treat all the s/a's with other drugs. Your docs will not be surprise by anything you tell them.

Our attitude is week to week. There is no other way to look at it. we feel like Walrus has been sick forever (in all fairness he had a liver TP in '06 and hasn't been well for 2 years) so I can say that w/o fear of being contradicted! He's not even halfway thru TX..and his chances of clearing the HCV is less than 30%..that's reality. Our hope is that he's part of that 30%. You have to feel the same way and do the best you can on the good days and accept the bad days and move on. Hang in there..post often and you'll find quite the support network here.
All the best,
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I'm going to be joining you in the Hep C tx club soon...My first shot is on Monday...I've got a lot of good coaching about taking the riba and the sides...Eating a food that has a high fat content in it and drinking loads of water seem to be the two most consistent bits of advice...Also, using the pain and anti nausea meds 30 -60 mins before taking the shot too...I hope they are right...hang in there! I've been reassured that at about week 4 or so, your body adjusts and recovers quicker from the shots..I hope this helps...I may be asking you for advice in a few weeks...:) Keep coming here...It's okay to vent when needed!
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Are you on an anti depressant?  I know my GI made me start one a month before tx as it is likely that 30% of us will become depressed, and suicidal. Please go to the ER or to a Dr ASAP if you feel this way. It is a very real concern...being depressed and suicidal. Don't think you can handle this yourself. Get some help!  I need more pain meds and did them duing treatment. That was okay, as I learned along the way of treatment. Treatment is your priority, but your mental state is even more important. People have committed suicide on tx, when they weren't feeling this way before. So please, don't take it lightly. If you feel suicidal, get to the ER NOW!  Don't let those thoughts take over, if you are not on anti' d's and you can't control your thoughts get some help!  I've been there!

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about your questions on support for you and your wife. My husband reads and posts here from time to time. It is a support for him at times. More of a support for me. I doubt I could have made it through tx for a year without this group of wonderful people. Please keep posting. No question is stupid or unworthy. The beginning of tx is really hard for many of us. As you said typing made you feel better, keep doing it! We will listen and support you and your wife. Welcome to Jumanji! LOL We laugh, we cry and we support each other the best we know how.  Please let us know how you are doing!  

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Thanks forn all the support but i am about ready to quit this thing
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Time to call Doc,  don't give up without a fight. You need anti depressants, not  pain drugs.    Try the anti depressants first.  

Most of us go through this,  some worse than others,  some easier than others. but with the right support you can get through this. Quitting after one shot is not the answer!

Sorry,   I am not being unsympathetic, but  you need to give this a chance and not give up.  

Pony up dude,  try some other things before you stop or start taking something that will hurt you more,   Ginger ale, hot baths,   take shots at night with a tylenol pm or benadry.

Again not trying to sound harsh, but one shot is to soon to give up on

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the first month is the wrst for most...it's the adjustment to the drugs that causes this.
for some reason after a month the symptoms settle down either because the body adjusts to the meds, or because the virus itself gets weaker, or both.

the mental tole is another thing, far more women will talk about this and get help, not to sound sexist but the stats prove this out, a lot of men will quit, because they just cannot process one important fact. they cannot talk about, admit or ask for help...it's sad that we put such unrealistic expectations on men, that they would rather quit than cry uncle and get help...you know?
so the fact then is:
these drugs change your brain chemistry, they don't care if you are male or female, green or blue or martian, they basically remove all of the brain's reserves...leaving what were calm happy rock of Gibralter's crashed on the rocks and white knuckling it to get through an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond without finding some scene a trigger for pools of tears wanting to burst forth.

the key is just to know that, know that grown Marines are reduced to pools of tears,
and THE GOOD NEWS is at least you know you are getting good absorption of your meds... BUT THE BETTER news is you can and MUST tell your docs if you need help with the effects. Funny thing is, everybody says fine if the doc says, your blood is low we need to give you procrit to help that....so why can't we just say OK when the brain gets low on it's chemicals? How is that different from the blood being low on it's goodies??.

DO NOT say you are having suicidal thoughts, as legally and morally they are supposed to remove you from any treatment that threatens your life, so unless you are really concerned you might act on this, I would not recommend sharing this...(since most people do at some point have them, again this is due to the brain being fried by the meds)...it's normal to wish it were over...everybody in here knws that.....but don't overshare...
. But do tell them you are having "little meltdowns for no reason" and "seem always on the verge of tears".....are "snapping over nothing"...phrases like that will clue them you need help.....

This discouragement is the most common side effect of treatment, and it's not your fault or a weakness that you are having this problem. It's simply that these drugs kill some good chemicals as well as this nasty virus.....and so if you need to take something t help you keep enough brain chemistry for sane function....just do it!!!

I had a rough first month and a really rougher 5th month, so now I am on a trycyclic anti depressant called remeron, which is easier on the liver than some AD's are,

by the sound of your symptoms, I would not wait to go in and be seen, just have a long talk with the nurse practioner or medical assistant to your doc, and I'm sure they will call something in for you right away.

You may want to ask for some Ativan (lorezepam) for the short term as well...to go with your antidepressant, since many of them take a few days, or even weeks to build up to a sufficient level to really help the chemistry, so short term use of some ativan as well may be in order.  I took a half an ativan about every other evening....there were evenings where without it, it would not have been pretty....in fact, it would make have made the cuckoo's nest look like a 5 star cruise.
our prayers are with you.
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Sorry to hear about your sx's.  I'm 42 weeks into tx and I can't tell how many times I have wanted to quit.  The mental sx's are the worse.  I take 40 mgs of Prozac and that seems to take the edge off.  I like the dope sick analogy, although I feel more like I've had a 10 week hangover.  Stay in the game until you see if you're going to clear the virus.  
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Make that a 10 month hangover!
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