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new to treatment

my husband is starting the treatment tomarrow morning.  i think i am more affraid than he is .  all of your info on fat intake is very helpful and i appreiate it very much.  Is there anything i can do to help him get through this easyer?
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My husband went through the interferon/ribavarin tx (treatment) 4 years ago.  I found this site to be a huge help (though they have changed it up a bit since then...not finding it the easiest to see what's what anymore).  I was able to scan and see what people were dealing with so when he came down with sx(side effects) I was able to inform him that they were entirely normal and kept encouraging him to remember that this tx is temporary.  When he was irritated (which is an understatement sometimes) I used it as a good excuse to get out of the house (most often went to work out which helped me maintain).  With all  that said, my 2 cents:  keep surfing this forum, love him through the tx, take care of YOURSELF, encourage and pray.  Best of luck to both of you!
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Lots of love, patience, and also understand if he doesn't feel up to wanting to talk or be around others at times.
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There are so many different sides and not every one has them all - The best thing is to follow this site and ask questions. There are so many very knowledgeable and helpful people here to help you. I am 12 weeks post tx and would be glad to relay my experiences when you have questions. Best of luck to you and all.....Fred
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