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I read that Pamala Anderson stated she has the Hep C virus but would fight it using holistic healing. I wonder if the virus believes in it, I hope that celibrities like her do not sway people from getting the tx they need by listening to that kind of garbage. Does anyone out there belive she hasnt got a high priced private Dr. for tx in between her "holistic healing" sessions. If she hadnt come out and stated it in the paper I wouldnt mention it, but there is a lot of scared people out there that take these celebrities too seriously.
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Hey there, I am one of those people that listened to that ****. I found out 2 yrs ago and have been dabbling with herbs to try and contain this disease. I have to admit it seems to have kept my enzymes in check but my VL went from 450,000 to 2.8 million. So, let's watch what she does and then more than likely, go on tx later. I hope for her sake it works for her!
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I think that anyone who would redirect their life (and especially treatment) based on what Pam Anderson says or does needs psychological counseling...and some sort of organized religion in their lives.

Personally - (and I am new to this - so don't shoot me for speaking about something I have not experienced yet) I might "combine" various holistic methods with the traditional medicine - but would not use holistic medicine in exchange for it.

Just my opinion.
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maybe pamela anderson doesn't have any liver damage and doesn't need to go on tx now.  I've had hepc c for 30 years and my liver emzymes have been normal the whole time. I was always told to come back in 6 months and get another blood test. I had a biopsy 1 1/2 yrs ago and am stage 2 fibrosis 11,000,000 vl and normal emzymes and everything else looked normal.
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Is there a set viral level that indicates treatment is necessary?  I am getting my results this Friday - and the way I am looking at it right now - if I am not absolutely undetectable and if my liver enzymes are not absolutely in the "ok" zone :: I am going to insist on treatment.

Is there a reason for waiting until you do have damage to your liver or letting the viral load rise?  I would want to take the meds when the viral load is as low as possible and before "any" (if possible) liver damage occurs.

Please don't think I am interogating you - I am just curious.  I too more than likely have had this virus for 3 decades.
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The consensus at this site is pretty much the same, we have to take our health in our own hands. My doc told me just last Thursday that w/2.8ml VL he didnt think I needed treatment yet, at least not without another biopsy. Well, the guys at this site said to me (and it made sense) am I going to wait till there "IS" damage? I just tried the herbal stuff the past 2 yrs in hopes that I could contain the disease. My VL jumped at large rates since then. So, who knows! As for holistic, I spoke to one recently and they SEEM to go on the same premise that herbals do. They ask a million questions about your situation and health and family history, then (here's where they get you) YOU administer the treatment yourself. I guess that makes them not liable then. So far the conventional tx seems to be the most promising, to me.
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Scroll down to my questions re: treating early on in the game (3rd Aug) and also about pro-treatment (2nd Aug). Lots of people gave differing advice.
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