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no insurance

hi guys...i have been diagnosed with hepatitis c, with a viral load count of one million. i have no insurance and am wondering how i am going to pay for the pegasys tx. if anyone has any experience with this, please help...
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Both Roche and Shering offer free meds through a patient assist program. I am not sure how you go about it.I would check their web sites. Good luck
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ask tour doc about the above mentioned. Also ou can look for research studies at hospitols and universities.Don't be discouraged about getting treated without insurance.It definatly can be done.
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Check out needymeds.com...there are links there on how to apply for medication assistance through the manufacturer.  

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thank you all for the insight. the initial shock has not worn off yet; i have seen both sides of the spectrum with regards to the raw power of hepatitis c and also some  success(albeit brutal)stories with tx, and they both scare me, but not understanding probably strikes the most fear. i sense some reief just being able to talk about it with those who have traveled these paths.
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Where do you live?  We might be able to be of more help if we knew that, as besides the meds, there will me many labs and docotrs visits..
Ask you r docotr and contact your states Government offices for info on programs which might be available in your state
Here is the link for the Hepatitis  Foundation International , which is the national clearing hose for hep C, in Baltimore MD, you can call or email them, they aare quites helpful.


Counselors can be reached
at our toll-free number,
800-891-0707, or

301-622 4200.


Send regular mail to:
Hepatitis Foundation International
504 Blick Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20904-2901

FAX: 301-622-4702

good luck
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It can be done w/o insurance.  I did it.  First, I was going to tx no matter what since I was a 2b and my liver had failed.  So I decided to forgo the bx, sona etc.  My meds were free-S-P, I used only otc's and 'natural' herbal remedies for the sx's.  I did not see any other MD's for anything.  No office calls, no Rx's=no expense.  I used food as nutrional medicine, not just something to fill or over fill me up.  I used meditation, walking and light home work outs in our home gym to combat depression, insommnia, fatique.
  And I had a very easy time of it.  I spend the 6mo between the icu and the start of tx building up my body nutrionally and physically.  And I had a partner he was so supportive he gave me all my shots-3x a wk for 24wks, refused to let me dwell on 'what ifs' and 'if onlies', and would hold me when I couldn't sleep.  

That's the ticket!I cl'ed @ day 18 2 1/2 yrs a go.  Oh, I'm a medical marijuanna patient and can grow my own-hep c is a qualifier in WA and OR.  That was a huge help and stayed w/in my herbal healing philosophy.
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