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Has anyone ever smelt this when you blow your nose it smells are taste like your bowels.its really bad.i just woner if it has anything to do with my liver damage
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while i have fortunately...never....'tasted' anything bowel related.....i can attest to the increased STINKY FACTOR, with 'smells'.....if you have dogs....smell thier feet....TRUST ME ON THIS....and also.....if you wear slippers or socks.....BE SURE TO WASH THEM OFTEN.....this may sound funny....and OH IT IS....it also is very very TRUE.....so, bend down darlin and 'sniff' those socks, slippers, dogs pads......i speak from tramatising experience......

happy washing and deoderising...spl?

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ha whatdaya mean peebee....surely you remember the 'stinky dog feet' washing in bucket, til the stinky water spilt everywhere, until i realised it really was my own feet and socks that were stinky story??  don't you?
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EWWWW.....okay......that FIRST post WASN'T MINE....i was only trying to be helpful and supportive to poor higgins!!!!!
and i assure you....i NEVER tasted stinky feet.......tee hee
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Nasal farts?  That is a new one on me!
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Im sorry yall find this so funny but no its not socks breath i do bathe very often i am a veteran with hepc second round thanks. i am a canidate for liver transplant and thought it may be related but anyway if i made someone laugh and feel good about it so be it i thought you people were helpful.
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Please understand that it was not your comment that was funny. I beleive that anything revolting can happen on these drugs and a lot of it is happening to me.

BUT, some of the responses WERE so funny; and it is the first time I have laughed out loud in a LONG time, so you funny folks out there, thanks.
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