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I had posted a question this week, if anyone noticed a difference on sx after shots if they ate bad, eg; fast food, salty foods, sweets.  
Well, I found out on my own.  I had a very bad diet last week eating just about everything I wanted.  Shot day is friday and saturday I felt ok, to my surprise.  Then sunday I woke w/ a huge headache, nausea that was so bad even my seabands werent working.  Monday I was still very sick I even went home an hr after arriving to work. Today is Tue and I'm finally starting to feel better still have a slight headache more residual feeling.  
Without question i'm going back to eating vegis and homemade healthy meals, fruits as my form of sweets instead of cakes and cookies drinkg green tea in place of coffee laying off taco bell and all fast food places.  I didnt like the effects of what eating bad did to me.  

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Willful1, a lot of "what to eat" kind of becomes, "what the body will keep down" - just kidding.  Seriously, some people do better than others on the tx drugs.  They advise to do the riba with fat for absorption, so a lot of people use peanut butter.  My diet changed drastically on treatment.  I generally do a no sugar, high on veggies, lots of fat, lots of soy, lots of fish, chicken, meat, cheese, kind of diet.  Really spicy food.

During treatment, I ate ice cream and drank milk to the exclusion of any other food pretty much.  It was all I could keep down, and I couldnt stand spicy food.  It hurt my mouth.  I gained forty lbs.  Everyone usually loses weight.  Thankfully, I've lost half of my treatment weight already post tx.  Anyway, everybody's different.  
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I, too, had asked about food intake and how it impacts everything.  I haven't started tx yet.  I'm a newbie and was diagnosed about a month ago with Hep C, 1a from a blood transfusion 32 years ago while giving birth.  I'm going crazy trying to find out everything I can before I start treatment, including what to eat.

Good luck eating well!
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i read somewhere that the three worst things for your liver are:

daily pot use
fast food

i do my best to avoid all 3
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Tx is something else, what works for 1 person wont work for another.  Your lucky, I say that because I LOVE  to eat sweets.  I bake cakes, cookies and cupcakes as a side job and love to eat any leftover batter.  I have a sugar high for hours but that was part of baking.  Now I'm afraid to do that because of any sx that can keep me in bed.  Trial and error.  thanks for your input.  
be well,
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I tried the same thing - was feeling bad so eliminated sugar - only healthy foods, no red meat and started this regime 4 mo prior to tx and 3 mo into tx.  No difference in sx or overall well being.  As a matter of fact, in order to keep my riba down I have to have have something with a high fat content or I get nauseated.  A sweet roll in the morning and ice cream in the evening works well.  No difference for me either way but that's how my body responds -  we are all different.
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