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pain management and hcv?

so i've rid myself of all narcotics and pain meds containing apap..... doc put me on butrans patch, not working so well for pain but i'll give it some more time before i give up on it.. Is there anyone out there who has chronic pain and hcv and has found a liver friendly pain medication??? Also docs keep telling me how important it is for me to see a specialist and start tx but i have no insurance and no access to unlimited funds, so how exactly am i supposed to overcome that obstacle?? lol the question of the the century, right? I've heard here and there about free trials for the interfurron (sp?) tx, but im guessing i would still need a hepa doc or gi to see me through that? any help or suggestions greatly greatly appreciated
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If there are any hospitals with liver clinics or universities with liver departments in your area call them and ask if they have financial assistance or charity care programs.
I know they have them in California and are based on income.
If you are low income, you can get most of your care for free.
There will still be some expense.
My labd sends out viral load labs to quest labs.
Quest doesn't advertise it but if you ask, they will reduce your fee based on income.
Make some phone calls, be proactive.

Good luck~
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Congratulations on your change of medications and attitude that you will get it a try! That is the positive attitude that makes things happen.

Depending on how limited your income you may be able to get some insurance or state help with your medical needs.

Check out "Texas Health Options" web site. They have many different services that are available if you are unemployed, disabled, etc. Their link is here below. Looks like a good, comprehensive web site.


Give them a call. Their is some organization that will help you. Be proactive and ask for help.

Good luck to you!
Hang in there!
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Congratulations on the work you've done so far.  Just want to wish you well as you pursue options for treating Hep C.
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Thanks for the info guys...... i am currently looking into some of those options already.... I will have to check out the web site Hector, thanks.. our health care system here is out of whack! I have applied often for medicaid, but in texas you have to make less than 160 (give or take a little) a month to qualify. I even quit working to focus on my health and try to get the benefits i need but they consider the meager 300 i get in child support as income. where as when living in Denver,co i could make up to 1400 a month a qualify for full health benefits!!!! We will figure something out though, i have no other choice but to try to find something that we can do to start tx and even evaluation from a gi or hep doc. And my lord it is hard without pain medication, i feel like the walking dead, soo tired and in soo much pain.. but lord knows im tryin to push through, wish me luck!!! im going to go check out the web site hector talked about... Thanks so much!
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I totally understand about your state's issues with the safety net of social services. Basically most people fall between the cracks unless you are extremely destitute. Which luckily you are not. But you still need help as millions of Americans still do who don't have health insurance. 17.1 percent of American adults did not have health insurance as of 2011. I won't get into the political issues here...suffice it to say I am glad I live in Cali.

I think the Texas website will help you. There are certain minimum Federal standards for social services that all states must comply with. I just think that they make it harder to find out what is available in your state. There has to be a way for you to get some type of medical assistance and coverage.

Yes, I am pulling for you. Hang in there are get the services that you deserve so you can take care of your health conditions before they get more servere.

Keep in touch!
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The medicine companies will also help with the medicine if you fall within there low income limits and i make more then u and i do so be sure to call the companies. Also go to needymeds.org and see where that will send you. Genentech number is 18777342797 I'm pretty sure the other number I have saved is 18002401224. That is all the prescription help info I have but i am sure there are more because the guys on here have helped me with them too so they will be posting if i missed some. And all the luck. I live in Texas too where about a do you live?
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Hi, from what I understand the manufacturers of Vertex and Victrollis can and will help you.  I called Vertex and received immediate assistance, I also think that Roche and Schering have the same plan
Good luck to you
For pain meds, I have heard of people on methadone which is pretty old however not expensive and used for pain though some people think there is a stigma associated with it.
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ninja, thanks for the info, my scripts have become so expensive that my parents are having to pay for them on credit cards.. God blessed me with these parents of mine, idk where i'd be without them. Im going to call tomorrow to see what kind of help i can find there..... im in west texas, big bend area... how about u? @hector, Thanks for the support, im finding a lot of comfort in it. I briefly skimmed through the web site, i didn't find much but then again i didnt look very hard! i will though.. on a good note im feeling some better today, finally got some sleep, that probably had a lot to do with why i was feeling sooo bad!!!
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