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paternal use of Ribavirin

Does anyone know of an actual case of pregnancy and the father is using Ribavirin
Ribavirin-interferon-alfa-2a during conception? Need to know the outcome. Tnx
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Hi I can't answer your question but the doctors told me not to even let a pregnant person TOUCH the riba.

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yes i do , and you dont want to know the outcome,
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In my husband's trial were we made to sign a consent agreeing to use 2 forms of birth control throughout the duration of the trial and for six months afterward. They are serious about this, because ribavirin causes birth defects.
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******This in no way indicates that I think it is in anyway wise to try and conceive while either partner is on ribavirin. It is a profoundle BAD idea.   It is only professional experience*******

Yes and the baby is healthy and beautiful.  With regards to ribavrin and sperm, in some respects, the jury is still out.  Ribavirin can cause changes in the actual structure of the sperm.  The drug is also found in semen.  It is unsure whether or not the drug is present within the sperm cell or not.  There is a registry of paternal ribavirin pregnancies carried to term and there have been results of successful presnancies.  
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I'd really love more help on this area. I have 4 months left of treatment (I'm a 30 yr old male) and my wife and I want to have kids soon. We will wait the 6 months to be safe, but I'd love to get some help or examples of other paternal experiences. Has anyone had a bad or good result from pregnancy?  First hand experience?
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I just found out I am pregnant and my boyfriend only has one month left of ribovarin/pegintron treatment. I want the baby but Im am terrified. can you explain a little more to me about this? Did you get someone pregnant on treatment? I see it says the baby is healthy but it doesnt say whether it was yours and if the father was on treatment or the mother? Please help me to understand. Lindsay.
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