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peg. and suboxone

Good morning, this question is from a fellow who posted below, can tx be successful when on suboxone? Nygirl ,I read where your on this drug and without a doubt your tx so far is working great. His handle is pauly boy.

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Yup I am on it - have been for about a year and a half.  At first I really thought it was going to mess things up and read an article about withdrawl saying how THAT affected treatment!

BUT the thing is on suboxone you don't go into withdrawl...you don't get "high" but you don't have withdrawl...so your body is NOT affected by that because it's relatively straight line nothing you know what I mean?

It took me a while to get to UND - mostly because like Susan400 I am a 1A and 1B...not because of the sub.

Tell your friend to come say hi from one to another...I can totally understand and sometimes that's niiice!
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I seen your most yesterday, good for you gal.
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what do you feed them now? It is an appalling practice for sure, are we the only country doing this? Like I said, I am trying to eat from animals that were fed their natural diet. The book Toxin by R Cook mentions how it is only a matter of time before we are infected with things like mad cow, because of the feeding of animals to animals that normally do not consume meat.

a lot of people at work did not know they were eating bile in their cheese, under the name of rennet or just enzymes. Many things do not need disclosure in the products we eat or use. "spices" could contain chicken flavoring and most people think it is only herbs.
With the baby seal massacre going on right now, if the coat is under 150.00 they don't need to disclose where fur trimming comes from. Even though seal products are banned in this country, they still get through in this sneaky way.
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sure glad i had that delicious veggie burger for dinner.  

remember that brief posting spate about brownies the other night.  it inspired me to go mix up some brownie mix just to taste the batter...  my freak out of the week has been waiting for salmonella (from the raw eggs) to kick in.  so far, still kickin'.
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grew up on home raised,grass fed beef;usually dairy/beef cross..We also grew our own oats for horses&cattle..Best tastin beef is pure grassfed(in my opinion) i now eat grassfed bison and occasional local rangefed beef product..The number 1 problem w/ commercial raised animals is growth hormones & anti-biotics and continued use of animal byproducts in assorted feeds(raises protein analysis) which include pigfeed,horsefeed and others...How is this kept absolutely separate from beef feed ???from field;to grain silo ;to massive feed processin plant ;to traincar;to feedstore;to truck;to barn;to grain room;to grain trough and animals maw-at many points the feed can be mixed,mislabelled;mistakened;misapplied....scary way of doin important business!! besides which,i believe blood is still accepted cattle feed  additive stateside;i think they v recently removed from canadian beef cattle feed...The british learned the hardway-this cannot be removed w/ even autoclave cookin!! jumped from sheep herds ( formerly,common practice to feed sheep brains& other byproducts to british beef):sheepbrain desease-scrapie(?)- became madcow desease......I can't imagine why we jepordize our FOOD supply with such disgusting&unsanitary practices,ohh right the almighty buck...seems to me like steppin over dollars to pick up pennys and its all gonna bite us in the ass...
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That boy in the gazebo-better watch out, my son (23) might jump off on his bike!!  Purple hair, no problem- How about "I'm buying a $4000 bicycle because I can jump off a house with it", this was after he broke the frame on his $2500 one coming off a ski slope.  Do they not realize we don't want them to jump off a house?  Who's house? They put his last cast on when he cracked his heel off on his 23rd birthday at 7:00 pm, because he's fresh out of health insurance now...oh for the day of worrying about small stuff  :)  Guess he comes by his need for mood altering substances naturally, but damm did it have to be adrenaline??

Thanks for all the well wishes, of course its shot night///
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Look at it this way shot night tonight DAY OF REST tomorrow! :) OOOOOh I don't Feeeeeeeel Goooooood............


On my list - that even tops my love for fudgicles - nobody can TELL me I'm fine and being lazy can they? No not the way I make myself look I'd scare Frankenstein :)
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So how are you on this Fri, morning?  Feel like I haven't been conversing with you as much.  We keep crossing ecah other on the threads.  So how are you doing?  Hope all is well.

Beagle :)
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Fishdoc-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope this year finds you SVR.

Amommy-- Good morning tx buddy, how was you 13th shot last nigh?  Hope it went well and you have little sxs to deal with. Let me know how it went.

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Can-do-man I have invented a new way to snort coke without really snorting. Buy it in the liter bottles. Keep it warm, pour half of it out, shake it rapidly and then hold it near your nostrils before removing the thumb. Man what a rush. Makes you want to sing tiny bubbles. DR
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Happy Birthday fishdoc.  :)  Wishing you many more happy ones to come!

Strator- Thanks for the good cry this morning!  And I mean that in the best way possible.  You have such a way with words, your post really touched me.  You are so calm and rational.  I am filing away all kinds of parenting tips from your posts as I am PETRIFIED of the teen years :)  Thanks for being you!

Just need to have a little pity party.  I know I am damn lucky, so I hesitate to be negative in my posts here.  I feel though at this point, that it is not my rational and aware side feeling this way, but the drug induced emotional basket case brainfogged side.  I did shot 13 last night.  I am struggling my friends.  Apparently I sailed through the first 12 without realizing exactly how good I had it.  I am a little concerned (ok maybe more than a little) that the depression type sides are creeping in.  I am so resistant to adding any meds though since I will be done in 7 weeks.  Seems hardly like a good decision.  I want to cry all the time.  I am so unimpressed with my doc lately, but don't have the "fight" in me to find another one at this point.  My husband was so helpful in the beginning, but it is as if he has shut off.  I can't even bring myself to address it with him because I am not rational right now and I just don't even know how to coope with confrontational situations anymore.  And as irrational as this sounds and as far from the truth as I know this is, I feel like no one cares about what I am going through.  My family is fantastic and I am so lucky to have them, they love me and care about me, but I don't feel it.  It's so bizarre.  Someone please kick my butt into gear and snap me out of this!
Thanks for being my sounding board on here.  I appreciate it more than you all could know.
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I know I was thinking the same thing but you know we both understand and it's not like we are avoiding each other LOL

God you must be OVER the moon to have your hgb working out - so much for people being afraid to do the transfusions that is the second time we've seen it help right?  YAY! YAY!

Last night I cut my foot big time on a broken light bulb my kid dropped on the floor. So my son ran to get the bandaids etc.

I was like BACK GET BACK I'M BLEEDING BAD.....and he laughed and said first mom you are the worlds BIGGEST clutz and I've been bandaging you for YEARS and I never got it and second...you are UNDETECTIBLE now...remember?

It was nice to hear. Of course he insisted on bandaging my foot and then I insisted he use bleach (watered down) on his hands I mean I know he is fine but he is the "man of the house" at 15 and nothing will work to have him not help mommy.

It did make me feel good.

Bailey may have kidney stones AGAIN. He's on medication for a urinary infection so it might be that but he almost DIED last time from the urine backing up (we had no idea of course he had the stones)...he's only going to be 3 it's like why why why does he think the more things I get he has to as well? Oh maybe so he can snuggle me.

Makes me so sad.

And what's up with you???????????????????????????????????????
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I'm trying to cut back on things that aren't healthy for me...that's why I'm using Crystal Clear Coke...less "cut" nice and "pure"   ;-)  Sometimes though RootBeer ah that can really make a nice change up.
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So what I thought you were getting married in October - is it your son or both of you? I just got so confused I can't type LOL

Wish I was in FL although you know it's getting better here and springtime in the northeast is wonderful IF we get it ;-)
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It's my son who's getting married,  I've been married almost 39 years.  We were very young when we married, I was 20 she was 17 and they said it wouldn't last, HAHA
This is the first of our kids to marry, hope the rest follow soon.

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i have been on suboxone for 2 years and was undectable at 12 weeks.

butch, it sounds like barb ordered b-12 last night. i read that artical i sent and ordered more as i was not taken as much as i could.

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regarding that poodle?? male or female? how big? they r the big,smart,athletic ones,right? you pay the shipping? what's wrong with that puppy in the window?--raw cookie dough,cake mix -how can we resist? brownie recipe called for 1 main ingredient that often results in spontaneous uncontrollable munching,grazing & bowl licking goodtimes-"and thats what its All about..."
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The poodle weighs about 60 pounds.  And his (that is, my) biggest problem is that he's smarter, faster, younger (even in dog years), and much better looking than I am.  Also, I've never been that good at controlling male members of any species.

Of course, he looks awfully good in my new bright red car (I thought that since fire engines are red, I'd be less likely to get hit in it) that replaced my totaled out 1998 Volvo.  

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Happy birthday there. Shot 4 for me to, man does that suck or what! I'll be sleepin in tomarrow, work kicked my a-- this week and I'm ready for a break.

Beagel, congrats my friend on shot 13 and when ya come back undetectable next week we'll all jump for joy around here. Not lookin forward to shot tonite, but I'll do it.

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dale-- I know what you mean, a few years ago the kids were still living with us so we moved to Fl.  so now we have 1 in Ca.(the one getting married) and 2 in NY.  It was the only way toget them out. HAHA

Bobby --Yes Barbara ordered the B-12 last night, how much do you take per injection?

Dyce--  I know how you feel, but it does get better with time. Just think you'll be another shot closer to SVR my friend.

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You have to stop hurting you self LOL.  With you it's always something going on, how do you do it? Guess my HGB is doing good as I feel great, it's the second week I recieved 60,000 units of procrit so I'm sure it will start to kick in soon.
Sorry to hear about Bailey, hope she will be alright.
Tomorrow is # 13 and PCR Sat., can't wait till I get the results back.
Will be going back to Fl. on April 4th till the 11th, can't wait to have warm weather again.  Should have my PCR results back before I leave.  Have been working on my son's wedding and even though I'm the father of the groom the cost of every thing is unbelieveable.  That's great what your son said, it had to make you feel really good.

Well your week end of rest is almost here, enjoy that ice cream.

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Beagle congrats on child leaving the nest. It has been my experience that as Gerry Clower says "they're comin back and bring more with em" stands so true. I got rid of two and came back as seven. We moved once but they found us. Ha!

Nygirl: We were joking about the coke and the root beer. When I was little and would have a cold my grandmother would boil sasafras root and put honey and probably a little jack daniels in it as. I always felt better after about the third one. Ha! You said A&P Grocery the other day and I remember that she would by the root at the A&P. It was in little bundles and smelled like root beer. Bet you've never seen that.:) PS I had no idea that CAn-do-man was your son. He told me the other day and I was shocked. You must have been a very young bride seeing your younger than him. Dale :))))))
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Hey, girl.  We're on the same week.  

I've crashed emotionally a few times (on the floor, despair, real soap opera material).  It feels like it will never change.  Then, a few hours later or the next day, or in just a few days, I'll be a different person.  I'm not on ADs (and don't want to be) but my doc gave me an antiaxiety drug that I've taken only a few times and it really has helped on those days).

I know you're feeling all alone right now.  But you are way not alone.  Your husband's there (he's just reacting to stress in his own way--remember, "he's just a man.").  Your kid is there (reacting to everything in his/her own way).  And we're here for cushioning.  

Take it one day at a time.  One hour at a time on the bad days.  Last week, I wanted to die.  This week, I'm a happy camper in a good world.  We're almost there.  Hang on.
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Thanks so much for your reply!  I hold up pretty well overall, but every once in a while I get REAL down.  No real reason for it and I think that is the scary/frustrating part. I am so fortunate to have all the support I do have!  Actually my mom decided to come by today.  She took the baby outside to play and I have been lounging all morning.  It really helped me feel better!  Anyway, thanks for making me feel a little less crazy :) and a little more normal.  I am already feeling much better and I hope that trend continues!  :) I have come to rely on this board pretty heavily to help me, and you always pull through!  
How are you doing?  We really are almost there.  Hope your sides are kind today! Are you a friday night shot person?  Or do you do it another night?  Hope you are well!!!
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