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pegintron or pegasys

i have been reading so much, i have am confused.. cd anyone out there give me their opinion and/or knowledge.. i will try to condense this... i was on pegintron/rebatol for 1 year of treatment for hepc.. i did not have a response (only during treament where the #'s good)  i have had a liver biopsy and have early cirrohis stage 4/  i am genotype 1..... what is the difference between PEGINTRON AND REBOTOL -- i will be going back on one or the other...(keep in mind i do have cirrhosis) is one better is you already have cirrhosis????   i appreciate your comments.... thanks a bunch
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I also have cirrhosis,I almost died in july 02. I've never taken Peg-intron because my doctor gave me a choice and I had heard that that the sx.effects on pegasys were milder.I have been taking it for 8 weeks now, and except for headaches and mild joints and slight nausea, I have not had any sides. The bloodwork I've had done so far hasn't shown VL, but my AST & ALT are back in the normal range, which means I am a responnder. I think I remember hearing tha peg-intron is easier on the liver, but I'm not sure. Hope that Helps some. Theres others who know more that I'm sure will answer later.    Joni
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Peg-Intron ( shot) boosts the immune system to fight viruses. Rebetol (Ribavarin) is an anti-viral drug,which fights against viruses. The dual therapy is necessary. I was on Peg-Intron/Ribavarin and am considered a relapser. You can read my post under second round of treatment. It is necessary that you find the right doctor and the right therapy for you. Good Luck-If I can be of help, please post.
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Peg-Intron is metabolized(sp) by the kidneys. Pegasys is metabolized by the liver. I have cirossis and my GI RX's Pegasys/Copegus. So far so good as far as VL I was undetectable at 12 weeks. My ALT/AST have not made it to normal they are still elevated possibly due to Gallstones?? Dr. unsure wants to finish TX and watch. 4 shots to go.
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Glad to hear you were undectable at 12 weeks.  However, I would be curious to know what your initial viral load, priorto startign treatmetn.

I had my baseline labs drawn last Friday afternoon, and took my first shot of Pegasys in the doctors office that day.

I am hoping and praying for undectable at 12 weeks, but due to a high viral laod, I don't think my doctor is very optimistic about that!
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My viral load was 3.2 million at the start, 12 weeks later undetectable.

Keep the faith!
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Great news on your 12 week test. Incidentally, ALT/AST can be elevated from tx too (just something to consider).

Take care of yourself,

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