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Hello everyone,
I know you have seen me post about abnormal labs too much. I have been sent to a hematologist and he just called and said along with abnormal platelets since off of Interferon I also have large size platelets on microscope. I will have a platelet function study 12/29. Does anyone know anything about this test or had it?
Thanks for any answer.
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bumping you up, not sure what the actual test   involves, but good question!
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I am worried because his nurse said it could be the tx. caused problems with my spleen or may relapsed. So he wants to check for the HCV. I had it checked it last December for the 1 year post tx. I did not expect a call this afternnon on 12/23. I will enjoy my Christmas anyway...nothing to do until next week now.
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I have no idea about these tests either. I just hope they finally find out what is wrong with you, so that they are able to do something about it.

Happy Holidays and God Bless!

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I have heard that before,  blood platelets and spleen, but kind of doubtful you relapsed...  I know I had problems with a late relapse.

Plateletes in my blood are doing all sorts of strange things, tear drops and were hoping its nothing to worry about!

Going to keep bumping you up till a brainiac answers this lol!  

Merry Christmas! to all!
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Guess no one has any answers. I really appreciate your help.
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I've been having the same problem..amongst others .... since doing the interferon and ribavirin.
All labs, scans, etc normal pre-tx except for the slight rise in liver enzymes and shown to be fibrotic with biopsy. ...the virus.

That treatment did all kinds of not so good things including the blood.
During ..i developed sickle cell, tear drop, low platelets....the low platelets never has been back to normal and wonder if that is why i often feel bad..one of the reasons anyway as i read that it can make one feel sick and tired.

The large platelets..as told to me by the docs..is the body making up for the low count...and they also found a thrombosis in the spleen duct although spleen is normal and functioning very well. No other clots found so far.
I t could be due to 'sticky platelets'...Fats are all normal...no fatty liver..not everyone with hcv gets fatty liver by the way.
And bleeding time is normal with very low platelets.
So more tests.

Here is a link to 2 page article on platelet function study...also type in platelet function tests in your search bar for more info if you want to do more reading and comparisons.
Bestwishes to you!

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Anisoocytosis   Present
Crenated RBC’s
Macrocytres present

I get this every lab, from what I can deduce its about the Procrit and Neupogen,   The anemia caused by tx, there was an interesting article concerning  chemo,  

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