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My platelet count was 332.  I got the blood test after a 14 hour fast.  Is this something to be concerned about, if so, what should my next steps be and what could be the cause for it being so high?  My triglycerides were 352.  Do they go together in some way?
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I'm not sure about the platelet count but the triglycerides are part of your cholesterol.  
Hopefully, someone else has some good info for you on this.
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My platlette count got down to 250, but this is very serious unless you have a Dr. who is willing to go all the way w/ you like mine was. Platlettes are the major clotting factor in your blood. My Dr. was willing to hopitalize me and give me IV platelettes if I started bleeding, but most aren't. The only option is to lower meds and, depending where you are in your tx., that can reduce your chance of SVR. Talk to your Dr. about options and hopefully things will work out for you. Good luck.  Joni
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your platelets are great, trust me
mine are sitting at 54k as long as you are in the normal range it is ok
best of luck to you
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Hi, Sorry for breaking in on this thread. I got this email from on of the Hep C groups. I copied and pasted it.
Here it is.

Hi everyone.   I need all your help please.   I watched a show on ABC news the other night in the NightLine time slot with Chris someone - not Ted Koppel.   Anyway, it caused me to write a very long letter as to why they seemed suddenly so concerned about China and Russia and the spread of HIV when we don't see anything on TV regarding HCV and we outnumber HIV patients FOUR to ONE.    Anyway, in looking further I ran across this link that you can write and ask for a *fact check*.    I have copied the one I sent them below the link you need to click on.   If HUNDREDS of us do this I think we just might get their attention so PLEASE go to the link below and then copy and paste the Fact Check that we would like for them to investigate and THANK YOU for all you help  :-)   This just might spark some interest in doing a complete show on HCV  :-)    


Fill in your name and email addy and then put this in the *your comment* box:

Fact Check Please.

How many Americans have HCV (Hepatitis C) compared to the number that have HIV (AIDS) and how many people are coinfected?
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I want to thank you also, for your comments. I swear, you always sit back, soak everything in, and lay it out so subtle. Thank you, and I hope you are doing alright, and continue on your personal fight for SVR!! I wonder what line of work you are in, as I see you as a analysts or something. Thanks.
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Hi there, didn't get a chance to respond to your earlier post:  Whatever you are feeling is valid, this is your life, your family, your HCV and you have every right to be frustrated, angry and sad whenever those moods hit you.  Snook, we can't change other people, try as we might but we can change the way we react to them.  Don't give your mother's past any power over your future.  You are young, intelligent, funny and charming, you also have HCV which is why we all have the pleasure of knowing you a little..  You will be SVR and when you're completely healthy and start a family of your own you will be able to teach your children how to live well, long and healthy.
Feel better soon...
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Ameribrit: Thanks, I am glad I can still charm, even feeling down. That is all I really want in life, to start a family, and watch them grow. And of course, ride their little asses to do right!!

Befumbbled: Glad that you find humor in my sayings. Your not to old?? Too young maybe to give up, but not too old!!! I'll keep trying to make you all smile, as long as I can myself.
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when it comes to lending a shoulder to lean on, it does not matter political views, race, gender, age, etc. How can anyone use a moment of need to show someone they disagree with them? there is a time for everything. I will try to comfort any one in need of an emotional hug no matter what.
would I feel that way if someone hurt a loved one and then was in need himself? I would like to think my spirituality would take over,  but can't guarantee it  of course.
The way you feel is the most important feeling in the world to YOU. you are the one enduring it, struggling and trying to overcome it. MY pain is more important to me than yours for the same reasons.  One is not more important than the other to the rest of the world, because it is not theirs to endure, they can imagine and guess but unless they went thru the exact same thing, they can not feel it the same way.
Is the pain felt by a pancreas cancer victim more valid than Honey's migraines? NO.  each ones pain is valid and important  and the most crucial event in their lives to them, it is THEIR reality and the center of the universe to them. sometimes we are able to reach to others while we are enduring our pain and that may act as an analgesic to us, but other times we need to dwell in a little pity party as part of the healing process.
I do not doubt for one moment that you will reach a level of acceptance at some time in your life. This is not yet that time for you and you know that it is fine also.
I am no professional counselor, a little peer counseling at times, but temper is still quick to sprout many days....my motto on the road is:
"what f******g shade of green are you waiting for?
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I read your post to Snook, so eloquent and thoughtful and thought about the type of person you are: Insightful, kind, level headed and patient....  and then I read the last line and almost fell off my chair laughing...
Thank you:)
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I'm with Amerabrit,,,I'm very impressed with your posts!!  You just amaze me and on top of it,,,you are at end of tx!  I would be afraid I would start that and then forget halfway through what I was saying LOL  You have a wonderful way of stating things and I bet your daughters come to you so much for advice.  I know,,,,its like you are a very experienced "old soul"  haha But loved the ending,,,too funny!
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Again, you put your words together so gracefully and just break things down so understandably. Thank you for always lending the shoulder to lean on, and the hand to get back up. You have done so much to help me cope with this [email protected], that I will always be greatful. Honestly, you ARE so humble and admireable in your posts, I can't believe that you are the lady blowing the horn, and flipping the finger at the light!!! Have a WONDERFUL night, and thank you!!!
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My platelets are at 45 right now and am waiting for my doc to call me. Last time they were this low, he cut my dose in half and extended the 24 week treatment one week. Now I am afraid that he will do this again, but I will only do half dose tomorrow and then hopefully, platelets will come up enough for final two weeks. They have been in the 60 range since beginning treatment and are usually low anyway without tx.
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