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please read

Just wondering if i am overreacting or not. I was in a downtown club district a few weeks back and my feet started to hurt so i walked barefoot down the block to my car. The streets there are really dirty and i have an open wart on the bottom of my foot. Anyways wondering if there is any possibility of acquiring hep c this way and a week to 2 weeks later  i had an ulrasound which found that i have a fatty liver. Wondering if hep c causes a fatty liver this early? I am only 19 and dont drink and i am slim. I can't seem to think what else would cause this.

Thanks in advance
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IF someone with Hep C had been bleeding within the past four days along the same path you were walking and the blood got into your open wound on your foot, I suppose it's possible but highly improbably you would catch Hep C this way.  

Hep C doesn't cause fatty liver.  Fatty liver makes it more of a challenge to treat Hep C.  I don't know enough about the causes of fatty liver to comment on why you would have this condition.  Your doctor should be able to tell you.

Not so bright to walk down a dirty road with an open wound on your foot.  If it gets infected and uncontrolled, you could lose your foot.  That scenario is far more likely than you catching Hep C the same way.

Good luck.
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I'd say that your odds of getting Hep C like this -- open wart and all -- are lower than getting it in a restaurant which is supposedly next to impossible. Ever eat in a restaurant? And, no, you can't have fatty liver two weeks after being exposed to Hep C, which I'm certain you didn't.

May I ask why you had an ultrasound of your liver? BTW Fatty liver can have serious health consequences, possibly more than Hep C,  and should be treated. Now that's something real to deal with.

-- Jim
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Thank you for your responses. I had an ultra sound because i have been very itchy for the past 3 weeks and allergy medicine is not doing anything. Then i started feeling a dull pain in the liver area, which is strange because i read it doesn't cause pain anyway. My doctor called me in to tell me i have a fatty liver and thats all she said. She didn't even seem concerned. I don't even drink and i am a healthy teen. What advice do you have for me to follow up with because my doctor doesn't seem concerned. The itching continues.
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do you snort coke?...go for a blood test if you do
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Have you been to a dermatologist?  Fatty liver does not mean you should be itching.  Being a teenager there are steps you can take to reduce your fatty liver.  Low fat diet and overall healthy eating will greatly help.  The gallbladder is located on the right hand side of the abdomen as well.  If your diet is not good, your gallbladder could be protesting.
Most people with hepc do not have pain in the liver area.  Maybe an occasional twinge, but if the liver is inflammed, usually some type of damage is occurring.  Blood work (liver panel) can determine if your enzymes are elevated and if so you may want additional testing done to determine the cause.  
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Thanks so much Trinity. But there are so many overweight people who don't have fatty liver. I mean i am a vegetarian and eat very healthy. I know there must be another reason for this but i really don't know what. My doctor just said to cut down on fat too but how can my liver go from processing fat just fine to not doing it properly.

& no I do not snort Coke. However I still am very worried about me walking bare foot in downtown Toronto & for those of you who know that area will probably agree it was a very bad decision. Does anyone know how long i should wait before getting tested, its only been 3 weeks
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At least six weeks.  I think you are overthinking this entire thing.  As stated above, the likelihood of contracting the virus in the manner you mentioned is next to impossible.  I'd be more worried about contracting hepb.  
You're a teenager and young folks tend to get a little OCD about things.  Test in 3 wks if you think you need to, but I believe in the end you will have wasted time stressing and wasted money on a test.  
By the way, you don't have to be overweight to have a fatty liver.  Diet plays a huge role in that.  You would not be having problems with your liver at 3 wks unless you were experiencing symptoms of acute hepatitis.  Most acutes have a yellowing of the skin and eyes with flu like symptoms.  
Again, I think you are worrying unnecessarily.
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