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possible new drug for hepatitis being "tested' in UK

Hi all!  I've been to this forum b/4 and found it extremely helpful.  Had to create a new account after mos. of asking for my forgotten password but not receiving it.  I hear there's a new drug, bocevir (pls excuse sp) that's in front of the FDA presently for approval that would shorten treatment time.  This treatment is so costly and yes, I am very frightened to start....I got an email mos. ago from a different site telling me something about a new drug being manufactured in the UK.  Sounded like it would eliminate the need for interferon, etc.  That it's "just a pill" and would not have the bad side effects interferon may bring on.  Has anyone heard of this?   I can't keep putting this off as I suffer alot from stomach distress/mental confusion.  THINK i had it for 6 years but was "with" a man who had multiple sex partners many years ago.  My primary care Dr. thinks this is not normal for someone (me) who believes I contracted the virus almost 6 years ago.  I've gotten library books on hep c but they all told horror stories....couldn't read them.  I completely TRUST the advice given on this forum.  Anyone ever hear of this new medication; it's not yet available to the public.....just something maybe even in it's beginning stages.  Thanks to all who respond!
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  Hi There...Have you been diagnosed with HCV? I f so,there are many new drugs currently in trial stages. The two that are going to be avail.in the near future are Telaprevir and boceprevir.There are also  trials in the process of using different combinations of drugs  without interferon,however these may not be available for some time. Below are some drugs in the pipeline  in the U.K.

Hope that helps..


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Thank you....I found the website as I (forgot) had included it in my "favorites"....the drug I'm referring to you is not even in it's trial stages yet.  yes I have hepatitis c, subtype 2 b.  I'm thinking for about 6 years now.  I have been accepted as a candidate for treatment by a G.I. Dr. in my area but am waiting for Medical Assistance for Worker's with Disabilities.  As I'm on SSD and do work part time.  I could never afford what my insurance company for Rx's quoted me : 8000.00 for the first month's treatment of interferon: 4 injections.  

May I ask....i take xanax and a med to sleep.  I suffer from almost daily, constant stomach distress and my primary care Dr. (as i have not yet had a visit w/the GI physician) tells me that would be impossible for one having hep c for only (only!!) 6 years.  Even a xanax (suffer from horrible panic attacks) will usually cause me very bad stomach pain.  I also suffer from mental confusion; have a hard time spelling words, and I have a  college degree!!  

I thank you and have heard about the two drugs you mentioned; I understand they would shorten the response time to the treatment.  I suffer from major depressive disorder and am so afraid of this treatment w/interferon as I understand it can make one depressed who is not.  I'm deathly afraid of what a nurse counselor told me about being "sicker than your worst flu" for two days following the injection of interferon.  But, am much more frightened of dying from stomach / liver cancer if left untreated.  

I'm not feeling that great right now, very lethargic, but will look into (have already copied down) the sites you have given me.  I want to be very well informed when I see the G.I. Dr.   And who knows, maybe there's something I can take for the stomach distress; I was prescribed phenegran but that too made me ill.  This should all be under a different post I imagine, just needed to get some things out; to vent a bit.  I had two ways I could have contracted the virus in 05; a tattoo by an amateur artist and a one time use of a (don't want to say it)....had a drug problem, I'm sure you get the jist but it was only one lousy time.   It's so amazing what one mistake, however way I contracted hep c, could be a life changing moment!!  I intend on being more active in the community.  I had been a member for quite a while and received the absolute BEST advice/knowledge here on this forum.  Including, I'm sure the site you sent me....have a good day!!
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   Geno type 2 is already treating with a much higher success rate ,I believe approx. 80 % and with a shorter time ,usually 24 weeks.So the release of the new meds would be a mute point.(I am not as familiar with geno2 as lots of others here,so hopfully someone will chime in)

It would seem unlikely your stomach issues are HCV related as these are not typical symptoms ,but obviously should be discussed with your G.I .

Good luck


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Thanks Will!
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