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Hi All,
I finished treatment 11 weeks ago.  SVR since 1 month on treatment and SVR the whole time on meds.  I month post treatment still SVR. At 10 weeks post treatment, virus back.  I feel bad again.  Is it the hep C virus, depression cause i just found out hep C or are the meds still in me and that is why I feel like ****?  How long until you feel good again after stopping Pegasyss? I feel worse than before I started the meds.  I was geno type 3 on for  6 months.
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thanks eveyone, I WAS using the wrong language.  I was on treatment for 24 weeks because I was genotype 3.  I was undetected at the end of the 1st month and THAT continued until last week (11 weeks post treatment).  I also forgot to mention that the first 4 weeks I only took 1/2 of the ribaviron pills by accident, but my Dr. (no really the treating nurse since I never saw the Dr. once) said I should not extend treatment another 4 weeks.  I knew this was wrong, but she said type 3 almost alwyays get cured.
My viral load is back up and I feel MUCH worse than I did before having treatment.  I have had hep C for 24 years mostly a symtomatic.  I feel like my life is over as I knew it before.  I was an athelete and never depressed in my life.  I wish I would have taken tehi drug if this is how I will feel from now on.
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I think anyone would feel bad just getting news like that. especially with limited info.

first, they left you on tx for only 13 weeks after going UND. That right there seems wrong to me, although, it seems to be SOC.

find out first what your VL was. Have them take it again, espacially if it was low....below 600, because that could be machine error, and/or slide contamination.

then I'd find out if you could return to tx. Since type 1a's are allowed 40-52 months of extended tx, and the goal is to keep them UND that lng before ending tx, it might make sense that some with type 3 or other geno's may also need and or benefit from a longer course to tx.

I'm sorry about your news, but be proactive and get on the phone for some real answers here. It urks me when patients aren't told everything. Like recently they told us my son had a VL of 27.......n a test only accurate down to 25.....so basically useless information that could easily be false.  Hang in there.
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Since you don't have any background on your profile what was your Viral load, liver stage and weight when you started treatment?  What meds were you on?  
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    Genotype 3a is just that Genotype 3a. People infected with it usually treat for 24 weeks. What are you talking about 3a being 1a and 1b. This is entirely incorrect. There are people out there with both GT 1A and GT 1B but they are just that, infected with both at the same time.

    You and deedee144 are confused about being undetected and reaching SVR. These are 2 entirely different things. deedee44 was undetected at week 4 and was UND throughout treatment. But never reached SVR. SVR (sustained virological response) is being undetected 6 months after treatment. When this is attained there is only a 1% chance of the virus coming back.  

    Deedee144 I am sorry the virus came back. What is your new Viral Load. if it is very low it could possibly be a false positive. If it is returning to pre treatment levels then it is definitely returned. When the Virus comes back it usually does within 3 months which yours did.
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Iam so sorry the virus came back,dont give up.How long did you treat? 24 or 48 wks. I certainly hope you plan o retreat, maybe extended tx. would be an option. I extended 96 wks b/c of the condition of my liver and genotype. Good Luck
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Are you saying you relapsed?  It was to my understanding that if you reach SVR you were cured?  Sorry for my ignorance but I am approaching the end of my tx and am trying to understand the difference between UND and SVR.  My doctors are telling me that when I finish tx I will be back to normal, lab tests and all within 1 month.

Most people that are Geno 3 which is Geno type 1a and 1b usually treat for 48 weeks.  Why did you only treat for 6 mos.

So sorry that the virus is back and I hope you feel better.  It is sad to hear that after 10 mos your not feeling well and the virus is back.  That is what I am afraid of myself. I asked the question just yesteday of how many people out there were really cured?

Do you plan to retreat?

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