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post tx diet question

i gained way too much forcing down fat and sleeping most of the time for months with low hgb....i'm just plain out of shape...hopefully the drugs got absorbed real good cause i'm fat!.... 6 weeks off drugs and just starting to eat much better......my question is ...are grapefruits ok to eat everyday now ?  a couple a day...i know during tx there not good to eat...also raw clams?? seafood? i'm not going to drink alcohol... i think i'm doing above average getting back to normal.....hard to believe with a hard time during tx..still some headaches ..not bad...some fatigue ... i'm just so out of shape.....billy
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Why aren't you supposed to eat grapefruits on treatment?  I never heard that and I love them so need to know.

I would not eat raw shellfish.  Cooked seafood is okay.  You still have liver damage whether you did achieve SVR or not.
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Are you insulin resistant? If you don't know, get yourself checked.
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Why aren't you supposed to eat grapefruits on treatment?
I'm not aware of any of the meds commonly prescribed for HCV having problems, but plenty of other medications do, such as some of the AD's,  Immunosuppressants, etc.  Best to talk to the Hepa to get their opinion.

"Certain chemicals that grapefruit products and citrus fruits contain can interfere with the enzymes that break down (metabolize) various medications in your digestive system. As a result, more medication stays in your body. This can increase the potency of your medication to potentially dangerous levels, causing serious side effects."

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Grapefruit and  grapefruit juice was a food listed as a no - no in my trail protocol.likely for the reasons cited by flcyclist above.
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I was on a  "trial" protocol   ..it really is my puter ;)
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The specialty Pharmacist where Joe gets his TX drugs said NO grapefruit with Victrelis.  He had been extra sick one week and I noticed he had been eating grapefruit from a bag he'd bought because they looked good to him.  I hadn't really thought much about it but when he started seeming sicker than normal, it occured to me to ask.  She said it can cause the Victrelis to be stronger. He did get better again soon after he stopped eating the grapefruit.  As always, cause and effect can be deceptive but considering what the Pharmacist said, it looks suspicious.
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