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post tx sarcoidosis

anyone heard of interferon induced sarcoidosis?
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About a week post tx I developed lumps on my arms and butt and my ALT / AST were slightly elevated.  A biopsy on an arm lump revealed sarcoidosis.  So far nothing in my lungs but I am short of breath.  They seem to think all this will resolve itself and I do not have a viral load so I'm extremely happy despite lumpy bumpy arms.  I've seen posts of folks with slightly elevated AST / ALT post tx and this could be why.  
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that's interesting about the filler injections, and yes lung issues do happen.

the problem with interferon is it so effects the immune system that it open one up to all sorts of autoimmune and other anomalies.

The Ribavirin also lends to the issue by the way in depletes the blood and lymphatic systems.

It's not surprising when you consider the combo for HCV tx both boost and depletes the immune system simultaneously.

It's just the price of admission for maybe getting rid of a virus destroying our livers...without which we can't live.

My personal take is not one molecule that you do not have to put in your system while on tx should be put there....EXPRESSLY for reasons like the ones you sited:

your liver has to process every bite, every drug, every molecules you breathe and every item you put on or in your skin. So while on tx it makes ONLY logical sense to steer clear.
I won't breathe cleaning or paint products,
I don't wear makeup, or use lotion (olive oil only)
every chemical, every food additive, all of these can trigger allergic response or worse while on tx.  So the idea of injecting collagen/derma filler or whatever while on treatment....it's about as dumb as continuing to smoke or drink.

If we know our immune system is only 1/4 or 1/3 as efficient as before tx....why would we not take every precaution to avoid stress it out??

Thanks for bring this out...a while back I tried to warn people about some lotions being not so good...and it wasn't very appreciated....but I still know I'm right here.
Obviously some folks have never blown up like a blow fish from a little lotion or drop of perfume like I have....but a word to the wise is always appreciated.

I don't get why people think a little botox here and silicone there is a good thing....but that just me....there are enough risks we can't avoid without adding more things to the mix, ya know???!!!

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Yes, interferon can cause systemic and lung sarcoidosis.

This is from a side effect handbook....

Chapter XII - Pulmonary

Dyspnea, pulmonary infiltrates, pneumonia, bronchiolitis obliterans, interstitial
pneumonitis, and SARCOIDOSIS, some resulting in respiratory failure and/or patient deaths, may be induced or aggravated by peginterferon or interferon alfa therapy. Recurrence of respiratory failure has been observed with interferon rechallenge. The etiology has yet to be established.


This is an article on pulmonary sarcoidosis induced by interferon.....


And this, I found very interesting.  Two patients who were on Hep C treatment developed systemic sarcoidosis after having cosmetic filler injections.

April 2008
"Facial cosmetic filler injections as possible target for systemic sarcoidosis in patients treated with interferon for chronic hepatitis C: two cases.

Descamps V, Landry J, Francès C, Marinho E, Ratziu V, Chosidow O.
Department of Dermatology, Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital. Paris, France.

BACKGROUND: Cosmetic filler injections are now a very common procedure for aesthetic purposes. Today no contra-indication is given anymore to any patient for an intradermal filling. OBJECTIVES: We draw attention to a possible side effect of facial fillers in a population at risk. RESULTS: We report 2 similar cases of systemic sarcoidosis in patients who both developed a sarcoidal granuloma at the location of a cosmetic filler injection during combined interferon and ribavirin treatment for chronic hepatitis C infection. Cosmetic fillers were hyaluronic acid for one patient and probably silicone for the other. CONCLUSION: Patients with chronic hepatitis C have a higher risk of interferon-induced sarcoidosis. Physicians must be aware of the risk that a granuloma can develop after a dermal filler injection especially in patients treated with interferon for chronic hepatitis C. These reactions may reveal a systemic sarcoidosis. We propose to perform a test for a hepatitis C virus infection before injecting a dermal filler and to inform the patient of this risk in case of a hepatitis C infection that could necessitate an interferon treatment."

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