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pre tx tests

Aside from the usual pre-tx tests(cardiac,eyes  and psyche)what  other tests are recommended before tx?I have been feeling quite ill lately,no energy,cant get motivated and have very sore muscle aches and pains in my back and neck,along with a daily headache.I am usually a morning person but have been having a hard time even getting out of bed to get moving.Going to PCP in a few days...cindy

Just wondering WHY I feel this way.
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  Humph === you are so active! quilting, jet skying, fence building, peanuts and all your activities ;-).  Hope the shoulder is good. You are becoming a creature of da night because your not getting up early for work (IMHO). As for the headache's? Well doc G say's ( and dats me ) get rid of the husband ;-0), weight problems? get rid of de husband, in fact that's my cure for everything;-) today. Tell honey I said sorry but hes gotta go ;-). Hehe
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Aside from ultrasound and biopsy and EKG I can't think of much really.

I hope you feel better sweetie pie!
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