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purpose of procrit?

ok, after 3 weeks off tx due to low blood counts, am restarting today at week 1. have weekly neupogen and will take riba 800 instead of 1000.  today he was explaining the procrit and i didn't understand it.  low H+H can be due to either hemolysis or bone marrow suppression. the procrit will help the bone marrow, but if due to hemolysis, procrit will not help. now hemolytic anemia is listed as a major side effect of the riba, and procrit is pretty standard tx, but if the procrit doesn't work for it.........guess i missed something somewhere. i also don't know how they tell the difference between hemolysis and bone marrow suppression.  all this came about after talking about the ins co, they have parameters i must meet before they give me procrit- one of those was that i do a trial period off the meds.  maybe this doc wasn't the cause of all my problems after all   :))))
any insight into this would be appreciated

and the march continues......

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Procrit definitely works, and there is some evidence that it improves SVR significantly especially for type 1's

See this link

This site, along with Janis' site is one of the best sources of info, research findings and reviews:


Here's a review about Milk Thistle which I know many people are interested in:


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Sorry I don't have a comment for you on your post but I want to thank you for that term "hemolytic anemia". I'm setting up a visit to a blood doc due to my Hgb being at 9.6, my baseline was 16.0
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Sunspot, mine fell to 9.7 which made me feel pretty run down  but it was a severe rash problem which prompted my doctor to switch me from 1000 mg of riba to 800.  She was prepared to let my hemoglobin fall more.  My hemoglobin climbed though after that switch and I felt better.  Fortunately, I was a geno 2 and the 800 was good enough for that anyways.
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Yes, Procrit works for hemolytic anemia, which is a common side effect of riba. What your doctor says may be technically correct but not very relevant to hep c treatment. There's "hemolysis" and there's ribavirin induced hemolytic anemica. Big difference. Procrit has made a big difference in my treatment. Take it, you'll like it. :)
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Sorry to cut in here, but all the threads are used up.
This is the first time that I've ever done treatment with the Procrit.  For some reason, this time around, I'm having a lot more pain in my legs.  It's really annoying.  I don't know if it's the Procrit causing it or not.  I exercise and where TED stocking at night, so I don't think it's blood clotting issues.  I'm definitely going to bring it up with my doctor when I see him on Wed.  I don't want to have to stop the Procrit because I want to stay on the higher dosing of Riba.  I basically just want some reassurance that this is normal.

Well, that's the question.

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My NP told me "bone pain" is a common sympton of Procrit but I never had it. Not sure if that matches your symptons.

-- Jim
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