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quercetin and URQ pain

I tried giving Joe some quercetin after that article about it reducing viral load.  He has been on it for about a week and is having some pain in the liver region so have stopped using it for now.  It is the only new change so it could be the cause.  I just want to tell other people, especially cirrhotics, to be careful.
I am continuing with resveratrol even if it does up the viral load because a very bright person that used to be on this forum, explained to me why it was still beneficial.  My best simplification of his complicated answer is that it has to do with oxidation.  It is better to curb it with the antioxidants, such as resveratrol,NAC,ALA etc. even if it does increase the viral load somewhat becuase it will still help preserve your liver function.  It would not, under normal circumstances , bring it down enough to make a big difference anyway.  He has helped me remember to stick to HR's list which I have already seen proof of it improving Joe's condition.
No more quercetin for Joe until more is known.  He will be happy to see the pill pile reduced a bit.
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Another delicious drink with natural Quercetin in its best, purest form is fresh Real Orange Juice made with a juice machine.

Those videos on juicing made by "Jay the Juiceman" that I posted in the forum explain juicing in a beautiful way. Anyone who watches them would learn something new... His family is so kind and warm, they are amazingly wonderful smart people who love sharing their wisdom.

Wishing you and your Husband all the very best.

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Sorry, wrong forum. I meant to post that message is this forum:


I've done some study and have found supplements can be very dangerous or harmful depending on the dosage. Yet having a glass of Real Fresh Orange Juice everyday isn't harmful. Among other benefits besides getting some "Quercetin"... Orange Juice will help to increase natural Interferon production in your body because of the active Vitamin C.

Of course, if you drank 5-6 glasses then you'd probably feel sick... that would be overdoing it, yet one glass or half a glass everyday is an excellent way to get vital nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc., especially for someone with a compromised immune system. Juicing allows the body to absorb the vital nutrients, enzymes, etc., more easily directly through the blood stream without having to be digested. All the healing substances get delivered straight to the Liver and filter through helping to heal damage.

Maybe you could try freshly made Orange Juice instead of "Quercetin pills" and see how that helps? Just a friendly suggestion. My whole family loves Real Orange Juice freshly made with a juice machine. Tastes nothing like store bought orange juice. I always cut the orange part off with a knife leaving on all that white pulp we normally try to remove when we eat an orange... then the drink tastes more creamy and adds much more nutritional value.

This is a very gentle way of delivering vital nutrients throughout the body, whereas vitamin pills are not so gentle and can cause harm. I think we can trust nature to provide the correct dose of "Quercetin" our bodies need when we eat an Orange, or drink some freshly made orange juice.
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the thing that concerns me is twofold here. One, the chemistry, two overshooting.

back in the day, Linus Pauling did a lot of research so it from that era I draw from, any acid, can be an antioxidant but can also oxidate if you overshoot...dose too heavily.
Acidic overdose can lead to cystitis and other systemic issues.

Add to this the iron issues associated with HCV, namely that any acidic compound will increase the absorption of iron, especially heme iron but non-heme as well, and you could have a double whammy in reverse. Meaning you could further layer his liver with iron, and cause rather than prevent Hepatic cancer in the process.

There were some discussions of C and bioflavoids in here a while back, and the case for conservatively adding C etc is there, but so are some cautionaries. Obviously as liver deteriorates kidneys can be affected as well.

My way around this has been to take the acidic foods alone. I still eat oranges but not with any meat (heme) products.

Matt...what the "juiceman" fails to tell people is that too much juice can contribute to diebetes just like too much pop or candy can. It's all sugar.
Of course if he told people the truth he wouldn't sell as many machines.
I juiced for years but would caution folks to choose a high vegetable to fruit ratio to avoid apples, carrots, too high in sugars... avoid any high sugar drinks regardless of source...this as liver patients are already more at risk of developing diebetes by virtue of the HCV attacking the endocrine system, and especially while on treatment due to the Interferon levels as well.

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I know you know this, but it seems like sam-e, melatonin, milk thistle, curcumin , reservatol as you mentioned, and a few others are far safer choices for anti-inflammatory improvements than the quercetin or acidic products.

How is Joe overall these days??
Have you tried lowering the caloric count for each meal?
For me, it seems the richer the foods the more issues with inflammation and it became obvious over the holidays that several small meals is better than a couple of large ones.

Of course HR warned about this years ago, but who want to go there on Christmas.
My liver says no, but my gravy sensors all say yes, yes, yes. : o
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You know, I've still got some issues with the NAC...I raised them with HR remember...

it's not just about the sulfur issue, although thats major....our bodies don't do well with excess sulfur...but it's also about clearance issues.
There are more things than we'd care to know about what can become toxic when liver function is impaired...NAC is one known to not clear well from the diseased liver...for what that's worth.  That's kinda why I haven't jumped on every so called antiinflammatory antifibrotic...one has to look at the WHOLE picture, and the landscape changes for those in latter stage disease..   say hi to Joe for me.  Wonder is a trial of no NAC might be worth a try.
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one I am watching with interest is fuzheng huayu...not available yet but soon maybe.
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