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question about blood work

Hello,  I am curious about my viral load. I know everyone says it does not have anything to do with how bad your liver is. I had a biopsy 6 months ago and it said I was F1-F2.  But since then my viral load is steadily going up, IT was 17 million in Oct 09, now last week it was 24 million. So that is how much virus is in your blood right? So does that mean the sides could be worse since it is so high, would it slam the virus hard at first? Or could it mean my liver may be getting worse quicker since it is multiplying fast in my blood? here is some of my blood results today,

hcv rna detected 24,100,000 IU/mL Log =7.38

glucose 122H
BUN 10
Sodium 135 L
CO2-29 H

MPV -7.2 L
Platelet -214

everything else is in the standard range as well. Can you tell anything by thses numbers? THKS ALL!!
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You know my doctors nurse is wanting me to start the tx right away. I have some digestive stuff going on now, mainly irritable bowel. I had a hysterectomy in August, and in the last few months my bladder has fallen, My gyn says I need an operation to tack it back with mesh. I have no insurance of course and I see no way for that to happen. Of course I would love to get rid of the hep, maybe some of where the digestive woes are from. My glucose was high, sodium, and just a few other things that I do not know what they mean. I am going to call my doctor this week, She is only in this office every couple of weeks so I can not get a hold of her easily. My first month of medicines is here form the company, I qualified financially for that. Now I am wondering if it is too soon and if I could wait.
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the VL fluctuates all the time and has nothing to do with liver damage. there could be a day you check it and it is only 3 million. the reason this will fluctuate all the time is how your immune system is working that particualr day. Some days your immune system wins the battle and knocks the virus down and some day it loses. This constant battle is why people with HCV feel so bad.
Your #'s look good so I wouldn't worry about it to much. Looks like you are lucky enough to be able to wait for the new drugs coming out in about a year.
Best of luck
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Virus loads going up and down dont mean your liver is progressing to more damage and by your AST and ALT numbers you are looking not bad at all.Usually if the AST is skyrockrting up over 100 and beyond its a sign of progressing damage but this also is not written in stone.
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