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queston for someone going on tx

One of my family members is getting ready to go on tx soon.since I have done tx she has been asking me a lot of things latley about it.she came out with it and told me that she smokes marijuana at nightime and if it would affect her tx and make it not work.I have hurd 2 things from this.One is marijuana diminished the effects of interferon,the other article is marijuana helps with svr chances.I want to know what everyone thinks on here.anyway let me know.
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Mike pot won't increase or decrease ones chances.

It would be helpful to others here that have questions on the board if you don't keep opening new threads and bump those people off. You can ask as many questions as you like in one thread....... My opinion.
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How bad is her live? If not bad stage 1 or 2 why not wait for GS7977 INF free tx?
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I'm not sure what her stage is.what treatment is that?interferon free?
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I think marijuana can help you to relax. How bed is for the liver I don,t know.
I have to take Omeprazol for my stomach, it,s quite bed for de liver but I need it.
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I have read that THC can be beneficial to some with the side effects.NORMAL has reported that taking THC can lessen the side effects.I tried it but didn't work for me.Log onto NORMAL and get more info.Also OH took this during her tx.THC will not help with dry mouth,anal irritation or rash.Maybe relaxation can be helpful either with THC or other means.
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When I was on treatment with peg and riba in 2007 my doctor prescibed
Mairinol for nausia and so I would get the munchies and eat more.
marinol is the THC gel cap and insurance covered mine, It did help. As far as I know it does not interfere negativly with treatment. After I lost my medicade during treatment because my disability claim was denied after 3 months in tx I could not afford it out of pocket, I was a grand for each script, I periodically bought some weed and it really did help with my appitite and also calmed me. Also helped me sleep. I had not smoked the stuff since I was 20, am 55 now. I did get a bit worried I might get busted as it was a small Island so I did not do it for long but it really did help. Good luck to your family member.       John
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