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red bumps on neck

Am in Week 12 of 48.  Genotype 1. 45 yr old female. Have red bumps or skin tages on my neck the past month.  Sometimes itchy.  Seem to be getting worse & coming out on other parts of upper body.  Only thing I'm doing different is not drinking as much water as in the beginning.  Have to get on that.  Otherwise, doing good on treatments, no real side effects other than a little road rage and chills once in a while.  (Am fitness instructor & teach about 5 classes a week in addition to working full-time and have 3 kids.  Exercise helps!!!  Anybody else have problems with red pimpley like bumps on neck?
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Got em - red bumps, skin tags, scraggly thingies growing like cabbage - real attractive!  I am keeping the high neckline shirts going until the sweat comes out my pantslegs!  

Wasnt "Red Bumps on Neck" an old Willie Nelson song.  "Red Bumps on Neck - my baby's got those red bumps on her neck, but her behind is still fine"  

Or maybe it was "Purple dots on legs" or one of my favorites by old Willie the classic "Itchy back"  "Cant scratch my itchy back - gonna give me a freakin heart attack"
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Well what you have is the infamous RIBA RASH.  The only way you can get rid of them and keep them from coming back is to make sure you moisturize a few times DAILY all over your body (they wont remain just on the upper part...believe me) with a good thick moisturizer like GOLD BOND TRIPLE THREAT ANTI ITCH (green bottle red top).

I have scars all over my body from them before I accidentally discovered when I DO make sure to keep my body REALLY moisturized they go away and do NOT come back until I stop.

So if you think they are gone and stop with the lotion...they will come back again.

They are dreadful but one of the sides unfortunately.

Things could be worse - at least this has a fix.

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NYgirl is right, she had me start the GOLD BOND before starting tx and to date I have never had the riba rash and I just did shot # 21.  Try it, it works.

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you know, I think you have really hit on a good point...I have ALWAYS moiturized all over my skin, shoot me, but I'm pretty vain about my skin...

I have never had any kind of bumps, rashes, anything that I can remember (well, I had zits on my face when I was a kid but that was probably due to ignorance and hormones, ha ha!) I have really smooth, silky skin, very soft and supple, one of my better qualities (I won't go into the ones that aren't that great, ha ha)

Maybe it's so nice because I have always moisturized, since my twenties anyway...(along with oatmeal and some other things in my diet, including lots of good water.) Probably the drying effects of the drugs are what cause the bumps? anyway, the thought of anything protruding and discoloring my skin freaks me out a bit after I've taken such good care of it (I'm just being honest) so I'm really glad you stress this moisturizubg over and over again...

The 17 year old girl I take care of has lizard skin on her hands, and I can't get her to moisturize regularly...guess it's just not that important to some people...I tell her, beauty doesnt come easy! you gotta work for it! ha ha ha!
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thx guys, appreciate the quick response from everyone... will def try the gold bond lotion... been dealing w/disease since I found out 3 yrs ago & haven't really been able to discuss w/anyone except few doctors, hus & best friends... sure feels good to share probs w/others experiencing same things..  I hope this pegasys/ribavirin works -- labs show hep level dropped to almost undetectable at 8 weeks --- hope it goes completely...  1/4 of the way thru but still a long road ahead...  am also on Nuepogin(?) as my white blood counts have been low (1 to 1.5)  just have to do the impossible & stay away from germs - lol... THX AGAIN FOR YOUR RESPONSES!
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Well you are certainly one of my newest hero's with all the activities you are able to perform and the way you are functioning. I feel fortunate too because I haven't missed any work but at the end of the day I am done. I have the Nupogen adder for white's too and for me it is the worst of the drugs I am on. I hope you treatments continue like they are and you see nothing but progress. Dale
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