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reverse the damage?

Does the hep c treatment reverse damage already done to the liver? Or just stop further damage from being done? Once you have liver damage, can it ever get better? Just curious...
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If the patient becomes UND while on treatment there is no virus to damage the liver and some degree of fibrosis reversal may occur.  Generally speaking, fibrosis reversal usually occurs after SVR has been attained.  To what degree fibrosis reversal occurs depends on how much liver damage is present prior to treatment.
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Liver damage does recover in some people, but not always.  I am SVR for three years and for 2 years, nothing happened.  I went for a fibroscan recently and was surprised to hear that I improved from stage 3 - 4 transitional to stage 2.
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Andiamo and lynda - you just made my day! I've read studies, but there's nothing like a personal experience. Way to go Andiamo! Woohoo! Karen
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SVR for 6 yrs. now, had a repeat liver biopsy when my gallbladder was removed a year-and - half ago, the biopsy came back stage 3.  Prior to treatment i was stage 4 cirrhosis,  now whether my whole liver is stage 3 i do not know but i will take whatever improvement i get.
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So it sounds like its a good idea to have a biopsy before treatment so there is a reference point after treatment is finished...
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THe hepatolotist I saw last Friday said some damage can be reversed, but not all.  He called SVR a postponement in the inevitable.  I do not believe treatment alone will help -- only sustained viral response.  As long as you still carry the virus, the inflammation will continue to cause fibrosis.  I was a 1/2 after unsuccessful treatment, and a 3/4 3 years later.  I am about to start treating again and am hopeful that I can reverse some damage.  My hepatologist wanted me to look at it realistically.  In all reality, I will die with liver disease but not of it.
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I often complain about lingering side effects of interferon -- mostly insomnia.  All in all, I feel so much better now that I am SVR that I can't even begin to describe how good it is.  I am hiking, sailing and exercising and have so much more energy that my life is completely different now.  I think you will have the same experience.
Life is good.
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Amazing organ, the liver. You are right summer7799 I think it is good to have a reference point and I think I would hope the medical community is learning alot from all of the hep c patients getting evaluated, hopefully cured, and then seeing what happens to the previously diseased livers long term. Maybe it will benefit future generations. Ya never know.
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Howdy Eric!!

Here is a little proof of sorts as confirmed by fibroscan.  The community was co-infected folks but the liver repaired itself post SVR.

I continue to think that fibrosure or fibroscans are a good idea pre and post TX, although they may *merely* confirm what you must be feeling.


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Fibroscan Same as ultrasound? I've only had biopsy and 2 ultrasounds 1 yr apart.
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