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ribavirin and fatique

I self cut down my ribavirin dosage from 6 to and started taking them through the day and not in glumps of 3.  I couldn't possibly continue to show up to work with the unbelievable fatigue and other symptoms the ribavirin causes. I ended up taking two weeks  off work i was so dead in the water. Why are you supposed to take them 3 at a time in the morning and the evening?

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How many ribavirin pills a day are you taking now?
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Check with your doctor first please.  I changed my dosage up a little bit and it put me in a world of hurt.  Apparently, the Riba works with the Interferon and the Interferon breaks down molecularly and there is a perfect balance...if you haven't found out already.

Please call your doctor first and dont try to take shortcuts on your own like I did....trust me on this one.
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There's nothing wrong with taking six pills one at a time all day.  My doctor recommended that when I was on treatment and did not like what three at a time did to me.  The half life of ribavirin is so long that it does not make a difference.
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Have you had a CBC to see if your HGB is low? You may have anemia which is common after a few weeks of tx. You can get procrit to help, if this is the case. Look at those labs and ask your Dr.

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you can take them any way you want. 3 riba at a time was noticably harder on me than spread out through the day. 2 at a time or one.  some people cant feel the difference it but i sure could.   i  was on seven a day.
your treatment wont be compromised if you spread them out. just make sure your doc agrees with your daily dosage and if the full amount is too hard on you and you have to
reduce, then that could lower your chances for success. if i felt superbad i would sometimes reduce for a few days or a week but thats all.
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  "i  was on seven a day. "

Are you finished?...and if so...when? I haven't heard a peep outta you. Hope you are doin' well?

...and this is the 1rst I've heard about spreading out the riba for less sx. hmmmm. I have enough trouble remembering morning/evening....
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