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I have genotype 2 and my doctor is telling me that I should take 1000 mg of riba a day. I understand that for geno 2 that 800 mg a day should be sufficient. I am about 25 lbs overweight. could that be why?  I think a lower dosage would be better as far as sides go. What do you guys think?
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If you are in the neighborhood of 145 lbs, it's probably a pretty good number.
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They are now using weight based dosages as opposed to the old school thinking that geno 2's & 3"s should take only minimum dosage of 800 mg.  You need the riba agatha.
Sides will be what they are and one more pill isn't going to make much pr any difference in that respect but it will make a significant difference in reaching SVR.
Being overweight is one of the factors they determined effects the odds of reaching SVR.  You are not significantly overweight but I feel like your doctor has taken that into consideration when recommending you take the 1000 mg a day.  I take a 1000 mg a day and weigh 115 lbs and the riba hasn't caused any serious side effects.  I'm not anemic, no rash, no mouth sores, but my hair is falling out.  LOL   I do experience a lot of indigestion after taking my pills.  It doesn't matter what I take the pills with either, they just give me heartburn.  Always take your pills with food, preferably a higher fat food.  I take nexium 3 x week and it helps with the indigestion.  
Good Luck and take your pills!!!!
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I an also Genotype 2. Have your doc look at weight based dosing and stats for SVR using this protocol.

Once mine did I,was bumped up to 1200. He also recommended that I take an AD as he has had patients who at a higher dose experienced depression and riba rage.
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Thanks How far are you into tx?
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Week 43 -  29 more to go!!  
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