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round 2 advice and other IR stuff

not really a question,... just wanting some opinions...

I figured when she told me "all of my patients clear" , she meant the ones that last the duration of 12 weeks with svr.... well duh... .. talk about spin.

cw - I am exercising now on a treadmill that they have set up for the teachers where I teach.. even has cable tv!  very cool.

my glucose is still high in the morning, 110-120, even thought the metformin has been doubled and I am exercising... maybe it takes awhile?

HI apache!  yeah, i remember all that.

I am just hoping and praying that IR is the reason I failed.

As far my doctor goes... of course I am getting a new one... and am seriously thinking of trying to talk my pcp into treating me, as he is quite open to all options.  I think he would probably do anything I asked as long as I can back it up with studies , etc.
It is just too hard to run around trying to find a gastro or hepa that is willing to work a little outside of the box... many seem to be content with just following standard protocol.. I guess they reluctant due to lawsuits.

My liver doc does want me to come back in , in april for an ultrasound... probably worthless, although I have had an ultrasound tech that an ultrasound will show a fatty liver as well as liver cancer.

I am going to try an wait on the polymerase/protease inhibitor combos for round 2.
I just don't have much faith in the infergen, or a retreatment with riba/inf.        any opinons?

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hmm.... it really depends on what you want to do with your life right now, continue txing, or move on?  that's a really big decision to make and i trust you will make the right one.

best of luck
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I don't know whether IR makes a difference with the PI's??   The earlier we find out the realtime date when the PI's are SOC, so many plans will be able to be made for so many.    Hopefully a new doc can assist you with the decision making.  What was your last biopsy result?   Sorry to hear what you've been through.  

A lady I've met was not UND at 12 weeks, and her docs are very hopeful (can't give her any 'promises' but are already congratulating her on her progress because of the 2 log drop.   It's such a hard decision and perhaps a 'second' opinion would be good.  Good luck.
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bandman, good to hear from you.

Well here is my opinion.

Don't exactly remember your bx, but seem to remember you had very little liver damage.

If I myself was going to do the watch and wait, I would verify with multiply corresponding tests( fibroscan, fibrosure, bx..etc.,at least 2 of them)  that I am under stage 2-3. I hear of way to many people 'mysteriously' progressing almost instantly to a much higher stage of liver damage. My Dr chalks that up to error rate on BX. Hence my reason for multiply tests. This is way to important to make a mistake on damage, and consequently make a mistake on tx delay.

Its good you are keeping your IR under control, since on triple therapy with the new drugs, you will also need to respond to inf.
This is a catch 22 though, since HCV causes IR and once you clear the HCV you probably will not be IR anymore. Maybe Co will maybe chime in on this and explain better.

If you did decide to treat again now with soc and your IR under control you might be RVR. If not RVR or at least cEVR I would stop tx and wait for the PI drugs added to soc.

But on the other hand, with the new drugs right around the corner and shorter duration tx, you might be better off waiting and watching carefully if you have a verified lower damage bx. This is a very important decision you have to make with your Hepatologist.

Anyhow, very happy you found out about your IR. This is a very positive finding as far as you being able to clear HCV ...with combo therapy or the new triple therapy.

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Great News!
you brought your HOMA down, and in a very short period of time. That is the first step for sure in getting ready to tx old or new drugs

Does your insurance coverage require you to have a GI or Hep Doc?  My GI is now really responsive to IR and ordered a Insulin and Glucose blood test the last one I had to do myself  so now my Insurance will cover it  He is discussing IR with his colleagues in the Mainland Mx

What are you waiting for  Vertex?

I am also going to wait, until my HOMA is normal  Now to convince my Insurance Co through my doctor  to treat with newer drugs but I have time to work on him  with research back up

Already I  feel the difference with the IR diet Thanks for recommending the book don't like any of the receipes but getting creative with eating right Most Important life altering change besides excercise

Are you taking any Sups? I am sure feeling better these days and have my regime down now after experimenting with like  which ones to take in the morning and at night and which ones with food etc.  and feeling now comfortable with the program and notice the change in me for the better  

then the IR Diet which works Co!, cutting out caffeine and adding SAMe Sups in the morning I do not need any Xanex as I do not have any more panic attacks

I have a lot more energy and am able now to actually program excercise into my life  it is such a mental challenge more than physical but the two sure go together hope the pain level from excercise is more tolerable now    

getting my waist back is happening slowly just from the diet and sups so combined with excercise feeling better makes pain levels better too

We  should be in great shape in a year with the pre-tx plan

Noticed on the ALA bottle not to take with medicines like Metaformina
Really into reading labels these days
Looking forward to CS's progress to SVR

So do you have a Marching Band?
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Exercise: good.

Metformin: good.

What's your diet like? I've found that limiting carbs is also critical for keepng things under control.

apache1: I'd be interested in reading any studies that show SVR eliminates IR. My IR didn't progress to full diabetes until I'd been clear for five years.
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This is really great news. Thanks for sharing.

I remember you already had the meds in your fridge but despite that, you stepped back, did tons of research, travelled far to see HR and realized that investing in your health prior to tx would maximize your odds for success.

I'm cheering for you. You re-charted your course, all for the best possible outcome. And the bonus is you feel better already.

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