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sex problem

my husband has hepititus C and his penis won't stay erected to go insidde my vagina so that we can have intercourse,he tried taking a vertility pill to help him and it's not working and it's causing him to bleed from his anas also there is another pill he tried and it made him start shaking uncontrollably with no erection at all plus his heart was racing fast. what can we do.it's affecting our marriage.can someone help please!
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I'm pretty sure that those pills should be taken orally.
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It sounds like he has other issues that are not related to Hep C, Have him see a good Doctor. And they are definitely taken orally.
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Shaking uncontrollably.,bleeding .heart racing...  time to see a doc as suggested above.

  Sorry to hear about the lack of sex  for you and how it is affecting your marriage ..however it sounds like he has some other things to be looked after first.
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"Shaking uncontrollably.,bleeding .heart racing...  time to see a doc"

Sounds more like my first time with Backseat Betty at the drive-in.
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LOL, great replies. you peeps kill me
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What makes you think his erectile dysfunction is because he has Hep C?  I've never read anything that lists that as one of the symptoms of Hep C.  If the fellows on this forum are any indication, seems plenty of testosterone to go around.  

I agree with Will wholeheartedly.  Sounds like your husband might have some other health issues that need to be addressed and you might want to focus on that.  

In the meantime, and I'm not kidding, maybe you could be a little creative.  Sex toys.  Take some pressure off of him and just enjoy each other in different ways.  Think about it.
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Well there is this study:

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Here's some more info.  This article pictures the cure !

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Wow...good data.  First time I've ever seen that come up here.  Uh...no pun intended.  Geez...another extra-hepatic issue to take into account.
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Was referring to your first post...
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You read my mind, lol.  Sounds like mrlittle need some assitance.

Read Flguys comment earlier today and thought I was going to have to clean the screen.  Too funny. :)

mrslilttle, if this isn't a troll post, hubby needs to see a doc about this.
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Actually, on a serious note, there have been a number of articles and studies linking HCV with erectile dysfunction.  In addition, the tx also has a very negative impact on erectile function.  But, the disease itself often impacts erectile function.  Here are just a few links:


http://www.natap.org/2002/august/081402_1.htm     (a pretty solid study)

http://www.hivandhepatitis.com/hep_c/images/083002b.html   (another study)

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  "In addition, the tx also has a very negative impact on erectile function.


Below is from the last link you included above...it was an article written 10 years ago..and is very ambiguous and seems undecided whether or not INF. has any effect on ED,and that more studies needed to be done. Could you  list and post those more current studies to support your statement above.

"Nonetheless, both liver failure and interferon alfa may also contribute to erectile dysfunction, and treatment should be individualized," Ferri's team writes. Suggesting that antiviral treatment may relieve erectile dysfunction, the researchers recommend that this approach be studied in clinical trials. They also advise physicians to consider hepatitis C infection when diagnosing erectile dysfunction.
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Just a comment:  one of the first things my Hepatologist told me before therapy was that I would probably experience erectile dysfunction during tx, as most of his male patients had over the years. He has treated literally hundreds of patients in large and small scale studies, and has published tons of articles and study results.  I will take his word on the effects that are generally experienced during tx...from his first hand observations. I think it is likely 'common knowledge' among treating doctors that the tx itself is very detrimental to erectile dsyfunction.  It sure was for me.

I will try to find some up to date articles on the subject to satisfy your desire for 'contemporary' research.  

I think the original question pertained to the disease itself contributing to ED...which it often DOES.  

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  Interesting.... my hepa who has also treated many hundreds if not thousands of male patients in many clinical studies told me that Ed would not be a problem...so i guess we both have just  our Hepas word on things...so if you would be good enough to list those studies for members to peruse to see what is actually fact ..that would be beneficial.

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I think the original question pertained to the disease itself contributing to ED...which it often DOES

. No argument whatsoever here and there are studies to support this.. however below...
is what you said  .

"In addition, the tx also has a very negative impact on erectile function.

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Just a serious thought here...If the liver processes (or makes) all hormones -thyroid, pancreatic, or male/female and the liver is compromised, it would make sense that it could cause ED, perimenopause, early menopause, or loss of desire if hormones like testosterone were to drop below adequate levels. Frequently, part of the txing fallout is screwed up hormones.
So, Mrs Little, with a little catalog shopping from Adam and Eve to help the hubby's confidence, and a thorough checkup and a chat with his Dr (please don't do Viagra if he takes heart medication -he may come and go at the same time...) perhaps you all can get things going again. Best wishes. ~MM
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Just thinking of a woody on TX would have made me pass out. Sheesh. And if ya got one, what would ya do with it? Double sheesh.
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Yep, ya got that right Goof!  Funny thread, leaves me totally lacking as far as words to the OP. Hey doll you're husband sounds really sick, give that man a break already!!   :O)
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Ouch. I'm outta here.
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I don't know how widely erectile dysfunction has been studied but doesn't seem all that much so there wouldn't be much to draw upon.  I've never seen it come up here in discussion all that often for sure, maybe for the same kind of reasons we don't discuss the chronic itching in those personal areas all that much.  I did find a newer study that was referenced in one of the articles DD quoted.  


"RESULTS: HCV positive men had significantly more sexual dysfunction than control subjects across all five domains of the BMFSI. In addition, HCV-infected men were significantly more likely than controls to not be sexually satisfied (53.6% vs 28.9%, p<0.001) and this remained statistically significant after adjusting for age, race, and other potential confounding variables (OR=3.36; 95% CI, 1.59-7.13). In the 241 individuals without depression, HCV positive men were significantly more likely to not be sexually satisfied as compared with control subjects (47.5% vs 11.0%, p<0.001). HCV-infected men who were not sexually satisfied scored significantly worse in six of eight domains of HRQOL as compared with HCV-infected men who were sexually satisfied. CONCLUSIONS: Sexual dysfunction is highly prevalent in men with chronic HCV infection, is independent of depression, and is associated with a marked reduction in HRQOL
— id: J0118363, year: 2006, vol: 101, page: 1235, stat: Journal Article,"

Then there is this article that cites both the study published in 2005 and another study that shows a decrease of testosterone in those undergoing HCV treatment - another subject that comes up here only occasionally but has come up on occasion.  Admittedly, the Op doesn't say whether her husband has been on treatment at any time or recently so could be testosterone levels at issue.  It does seem to have impacted some fellows post-treatment and has required a medical response.



"The researchers noted that sexual side effects were rarely mentioned when it came to the hep c combination therapies: "Most review articles, summary publications on the side effects of therapy and the package inserts for peginterferon do not mention sexual dysfunction as a potential complication of therapy."

"Men who are using Viagra should check with their physician or specialists concerning the proper dose, with some experts recommending half treatments for those with HCV."

Scant information however, along with the study James first quoted, it does seem plausible to some degree that HCV and treatment for HCV can cause ED and other sexual dysfunction for various reasons and worsening as liver disease advances into cirrhosis in various ways.

The Op has given much details on her husband's HCV status or any treatment but seems she might have something there.  
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"To: Trish77/GoofyDad
Ehem.  The question was about hard or soft, not wet or dry, thank you."

LOL!!  Well, it seems women don't get off entirely scot free (sigh..puns unintended aplenty!  And suddenly I'm thinking men in kilts...)  there is mention of potential vaginal dryness issues in women although mostly on treatment.  Though....I do see a bit of a co-relation between hard/soft and wet/dry.  Just sayin'.  ;-\
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The researchers noted that sexual side effects were rarely mentioned when it came to the hep c combination therapies: "Most review articles, summary publications on the side effects of therapy and the package inserts for peginterferon do not mention sexual dysfunction as a potential complication of therapy."
Thanks for finding that.....reiterates the point that making a blanket statement ........."IN addition the tx.also has a very very negative impact on Erectile dysfunction "........... just an opinion.

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