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I'd like to hear from anyone about the dryness of the skin.  My skin looks 20 years older if not more.  I'm thinking of soaking in baby oil.  Of course I am drinking A LOT of water.  Just curious as to what others may be doing.  Especially, women.
thanks, Robin
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Hi Robin,

I was suffering similar condition. I have very dry skin since starting tx, I too look many years older because of wrinkles in the facial skin and other areas.
I have found two products that work great in moisturizing the skin and helping with itching.
I am using a product called Aveno they carry everything from shaving Gel to bath soak. I really like there skin cream and the shaving Gel. All of there produces contain Colloidal oatmeal.
I also found that using baby oil apply during my shower helps with dry itchy skin.
The wrinkles should go away after tx as they are cause more so by dehydration of the skin cell, from what I have been told.

Again drink lotsa water and try the Aveno.

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Thank heavens!  You've given me hope!  I believed most of this would be permanent.  Thanks
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I've tried all the lotions ever invented, well, maybe not all of them. Anyway, the best thing I've used so far is that new Gold Bond Ultimate. It stays on and doesn't soak in and disappear as soon as I put it on. I also use the oatmeal in the bath. I bought some of those gloves you're suppose to sleep in after appling lotion but I can't stand them because they are so tight maybe they would work for other people. Yes, my skin looks a lot older. I'm just hoping it gets better when this is over.
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I've always had dry skin, and found that a common emollient prescribed by the dermatologists, Urea, was the best for my scaly skin. I use U-lactin, and lac hydrin. Urea and lactic acid are the best moisturizers I've found. It has to be at least a 10% urea content to be effective. and it is not greasy.
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I, too am hoping the skin dryness will change post tx.  I drink more water than a person should have to, moisturize and wear the cotton gloves at bedtime ( when I wake in the morning tthough, he gloves are always off my hands).
Remember, this too shall pass...:)
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I found that the skin dryness went away quickly after tx ended and also hair oil quickly returned for me(and thickening). During tx I used allmay moisturizer on the sensitive areas of my face-actually, my whole face. And riba rash arms I just used vaseline. It did'nt cure but did hold the rash back a bit. That also cleared quickly when my 48 weeks was finished. I kept my baths short and not hot to preserve any skin oil at all. Good Luck!
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For me it seems like I tried everything from alveno to vasaline and the key for me was how many times I put it on not what type. Once a day did not do it. I put cream on every morning and every evening along with keeping a small container near the couch so when I was watching tv or reading I could also put it on then. Winter is coming and that is when the dryness gets much worse, if you can beleive that, so get ready. If your feet are already prone to cracking watch out. Repeted application worked the best for me. It's better not to use creams with scents in them and try using soaps with moisturizers in them like oil of olay or jergens. It was the same with soaps for me, it didn't matter which brand but the moisturizing soaps helped most. In the winter I also kept chapstick readily available and forget standing on that hot shower for long. That will dry your skin out quickly. I have to say it's all back to normal now. I even got a zit about a month after tx! It was great. LOL LL
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I agree for my body it really didn't matter what brand I used but for my face, the only thing I could use was a Hydocortizone from a dermatalogist (the skin around my left eye and left side of my nose was always dry, flaking and very red) during the last four months of tx. Anything else on my face would burn.

Don't forget lots and lots of water.

Good luck. I hope you find something that works for you.
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Where can I find those mosturizers? Are they in the local drug store. A different question also. I am experiencing this kind of itchyness that is all over like bugs are jumping around or something. This is driving me crazy. Is this common? And what can I do about it?
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I found them all at the local drug store or supermarket. For the itching you might try a benedryl type drug but I would ask my doc first. LL
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I find mine online(U-lactin and Lachydrin) for best prices, or your pharmacist can order them for you. lachydrin does not need a Rx online, but you can get it by Rx and pay only your regular copay.
I find americarxdotcom to have the best prices
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I got through bottles of baby oil!  Everytime I'd shower or bathe I'd use it.
I also used Almond oil (available from pharmacy)massaged into my scalp & left in overnight, twice a week.  I'm sure it helped with the hair thinning & I never had an itchy scalp.
Diprobase (perscription)was my miracle cure for riba rash & dryness.
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