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small help : Glucose meter and HCV risks ?

I touched the strip  of glucose meter with my finger pricked with new needle ?

If the strip was not new one , is there chance of any infection ?
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Diabetic Test Strips not being reused by myself . I am afraid that i used the strip which some one else used .

I have this fear after returning back form hospital where i took glucose level test .

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If you were in a hospital environment they would not test you with a used strip because it is against hospital protocol.  I do not think you have anything to worry about.

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No I am not forum US . Here reusing needles and things like this used to happen .
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It depends on your country . In india things like this are common . I had similar issue of touching reused glass plate
IT may help you

I am waiting for more tests .
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By reusing a glucose test strip they would not get an accurate read on your blood glucose because blood from the previous test would still be on the strip.  That fact is common knowledge regardless of what country you are in so despite your suspicions I still do not think you have any cause for concern.  If you consult with the hospital who perfomed the test I'm sure they will explain in detail why they cannot resuse test strips.

If samsudar88 and aryaa are the same person it appears you are obsessing about hospital procedures.  No one on this forum can put your mind at ease because you are convinced you have been given tests under unsanitary conditions and therefore automatically at high risk of contracting hepc. The circumstances both samsudar88 and aryaa have described are not condusive of contracting hepc. Samsudar88 had a negative PCR and needs to move on.  Aryaa was never at risk.

Stop obsessing and enjoy your life
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