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sores on your tongue

Does any one else have sores on their tongue, well there not big sores but little bumps. I burns and stings to eat most foods. I can't find anything on it. I have been pouring hydrogen perxoide over my tongue the last couple of nights, it doesn' seem to do much good.
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I really don't think pouring hydrogen peroxide on your tongue can be a good idea!

But, in answer to your question, over the past 11 months of TX I've read dozens of posts from TX'ers with mouth sores.

A lot of people recommend 'Magic Mouth Wash."  (Will someone please chime in and post what that is?)

I've not suffered from inner mouth sores but have had really irritating corner-of-the mouth cracking that sometimes prevented me from brushing my teeth or even eating much.  My Dr. prescribed ertazco for that and as long as I use it regularly the cracking is under control.

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magic mouthwash is ordered by a doc. it contains benadryl, nystatin, a slight numbing agent and an antibiotic.  Most docs know about it; Dr. Gish, my liver doc ordered this for me. You swish and spit this.

NO HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, it will make it worse. I was told that by my doc.
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I think I mentioned this before to somebody but can't remember if it was you or not.  I had HORRIBLE sores all over the inside of my mouth and my tongue was so painful it hurt even just to put it in contact with the liquids I was drinking.  I am in my fourth week now and it finally went away (at least for now - hopefully for good, or am I being way naive Deb?) about a week or so ago.

If it comes back I'm going to ask for the magic mouthwash everyone here recommends.
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mine have stuck around, ala...not as bad, but there.
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Had a feeling you were going to say that.... uggh!

I have an appt with my hep doc on the 5th.  I'm just going to ask him for the stuff so I'll have it for next time it happens.  I don't know what I'd do without your advice.  That zofran has been a lifesaver.
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Thankx so much. I am going to call my Doctor tomorrow and have the nurse call me in some of that Magic Mouthwash. Will the nurse know what that is?
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Yes we call them lie bumps lol.....before treatment id get maybe one once a year now i stay with them...they stated on me about 13 weeks into treatment.  Before my mother passed away she had them so bad from chemo she couldnt eat or drink....it hurt her so bad. I looked them up and saw this >>>Transient lingual papillitis, commonly known as "lye bumps" or "lie
bumps," can be a painful nuisance, but fortunately the bumps are not
generally a sign of serious illness. Prevention is not possible, since
the exact cause of this condition is unknown; speculation ranges from
stress to diet to viral infection. The bumps will go away on their
own, but while they are present, symptomatic relief may be obtained by
rinsing the mouth with a saline solution or with "Magic Mouthwash," a
concoction containing soothing ingredients such as liquid Benadryl,
Maalox or Mylanta, and sometimes a local anesthetic such as lidocaine.
Another thing that can be quite effective is spritzing the tongue with
Chloraseptic throat spray, which numbs the tissue and takes away the
burning sensation. I have used all these remedies, and for me the
"Magic Mouthwash" worked best.<<< They say they dont know what causes them but i do know these treatments make them come out really bad....drives me nuts cause i cant seem to keep my teeth off them and it makes them worse lol.
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you poor thing...something new all the time huh>
the peroxide will irritate and swell the tissue.
you may have thrush or yeast
this can be helped by lowering sugar in the diet, and taking some balsamic vinegar let it swish arounf, then swallow...after a meal...this will help keep your blood sugars down as well.
thyroid function can cause mouth rashes, your doc should be watching those numbers as tx will change them,
you may also sleep with your mouth open, which helps the thrush and yeast to grow,
also the air drying out the tissues as you sleep and make no saliva aide this.
"Spit in a can" can help with keeping the mouth moisturized.
hope that helps.
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I have been going thru he@* with that for about the last month or so myself.  First it was just my tongue sore.  Foods burned, drinks burned, tongue actually felt swollen.  Then it just got worse and worse and had a horrific sore throat.  Only thing I could eat was itailian ice or ice pops.

Doc did strept test (after 3 days it was negative) then they did a yeast throat culture last friday. Had me on magic mouthwash and Nystatin for a week.  Yeast throat culture was also negative.  

Went back to PCP yesterday, the throat very very red and swollen.  she actually took me off the swish and swallow meds including mouthwash and put me on Valtrex 3X/day for seven days.  Feels little better this morning.  It is for cold sores/fever blisters.  Can at least eat something this morning.

They seem to think it is something called stomatitis from treatment.  Sores in throat.

So, will see what this Valtrex does, PCP wants me to give it 48 hours.  So far so good.

They say that it could come and go with treatment.  I only have 3 more shots left so the sooner it goes the better!

Girl, I know exactly what you are dealing with!  Dealing right now myself!  

Magic mouthwash does numb but didnt make it go away.   Don't want it to go to your throat like mine did! You might want to suggest the Valtrex.

Best of luck!

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I had a bunch of ulcers that wouldn't heal in my mouth, starting about week 20.  They persisted to EOT.  I was told by the doctor that they were another version of thrombocytopenia.  IMHO, I would avoid trying to treat them.  Low acid food and drink.  I would avoid peroxide and mouth wash...........unless you really are questioning if your sensory nervous system is working....
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I had the mouth ulcers for allk 72 weeks of treatment. They are caused by the interferon. Some patients have had them so bad they have had to go off treatment because of them.

the ONLY way I could get them to go away was to put hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip and rub it on the sore.  SO painful but lasted a while. Nothing else ever worked at all.

The GOOD NEWS is that - they go away as soon as you stop the interferon.  But be careful...after not eating for 72 weeks...............................................my appetite came back ravenous and I ate everything in site and ate back all the weight I'd lost on treatment PLUS ten pounds that i HATE and can't seem to want to lose.
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I admire you so much.  You have had such a hard go of it and you've stuck out some really raw deals and stayed tough.  Not a lot of people would have been able to stick it out.  Hell, I'm already cryin' and calling for my mama.  lol
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