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started treatment without blood work first

I don't know if I totally screwed up or not. I was diagnosed in Aug. 02 w/ hcv. My biopsy showed little damage, grade 1 stage 0. I decided to treat to try to get rid of it before the damage starts. The nurse gave me the prescription 6 months ago, we were awaiting approval from insurance. She gave me papers to take to the lab before I started and told me I would have to come in for her to show me how to do the injections. Then on a different visit she gave me the kit with the video of how to, etc. Finally got the approval. I called left message after message that I would be starting on Sunday. My doctors nurse never returns my phone calls about anything. So finally I thought the kit she had given me must have been what she wanted me to come in for. The evening before I started I found the blood work papers that I hadn't done so I called the doctor's office and got the Dr. on call. He said I could go ahead and start the peg/copeg and go in on Monday for the blood work. So that's what I did. Then on Friday the following week she called saying we were ready to start. When I told her I had already started she chewed me out royally. Saying I wasn't supposed to do that and I knew it. I told her I called 4 times and she said she knew that. She said the doctor wouldn't be happy and I needed to come in for different blood work immediately. Have I screwed this all up? I don't think they understand the anxiety related to all of this. I felt like I was onm my own and was being smart by calling the Dr to make sure before I started. I don't see him until April 1.
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Sorry I ran out of room. In the past I have called 10 times before IO finally got nasty before getting a call back. I feel like I could be dying and it wouldn't matter. I complained about it on my last visit. I am thinking of trying to see a different GI. I love my Dr. I just can't communicate with him or her. Any thoughts?
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Hey you just started and are early in the game.  I would just have the blood work done as soon as you can as you need to go the first week for blood work anyway and then monitor it reguarly especially the first month.  I would not woryy about not getting it done as you will have enough other symptons to worry about soon enough.  I know my dr. also had me get a baseline retina test before I started tx also in case I developed symptons with my vision later in tx.  Hope this helps.

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You love your Doctor, but you can't talk to him, get a new Doctor.
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Sounds like they're adjusting their normal protocol to get what they need.  I think some medical staff become nasty because they are afraid the problem will reflect on them.

Some here have posted stories about various problems with nurses at the medical offices.  More than a few have had problems getting calls returned.  Some people have had success expressing their concerns and dissatisfaction to the physician.  We are the consumers, not inmates.  Most physician offices are very concerned about the satisfaction of patients.

I wasn't a happy camper with a particular staff person at my hepatologist's office and told the person and then the Hepatologist my feelings.  It seemed to take care of the problem.

I doubt if you've messed things up that bad.  I wish you well in your treatment,  Dave
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I know that GI's don't make much money on hep c patients. The bulk of their profit is made on tests and looking up fannies and the like, as was explained to me. A liver specialist is a better choice if you're getting that kind of treatment and you can swing it. My own GI is somewhat like that. Fortunately for me his overworked nurse is very good and treats me excellent. I wish I knew what to tell you as far as missing your test. Please call a liver specialist for his opinion.
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talking about doctors...I was initially diagnosed, tested and biopsied by my local GI. When it came time to treat, I sought out the "best" around here and I found him, a Hepatologist with many credentials and much experience with Hepc. Well after a couple of appts. I developed a fine relationship with him and as a result decided to do it and had my first shot last week of pegasys. Got a call today that Dr. had had emergency surgery and is out indefinitely and patients (in treatment only) will be handled by a young GI. So much for planning.....
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