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stopping victrelis wk 20

I  have hep C type 1a my viral load was 67million. I started treatment on Oct 2nd with pegysus proclick and ribivirin,and started victrelis nov 4th.my viral load was undetectable by week 5 and my HCV was undetectable I'm.on week 18 of taking victrelis.I was told to stop taking the victrelis in week 20.I've had 2 blood tranfusions since being on the treatment due to anemia.I also take procrit but really doesn't do anything for my RBC levels.I'm kinda worried about stopping the victrelis because from want i'm told its a minimum 24 weeks.Has any one else heard of this?
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Minimum treatment duration for victrelis patients is 28 wks total, 4 wk lead in with interferon/riba + 24 wks with interferon/riba/victrelis
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Victrelis Combination Therapy: Patients Without Cirrhosis Who Are Previously Untreated or Who Are Previous Partial Responders or Relapsers to Interferon and Ribavirin Therapy

•Initiate therapy with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin for 4 weeks (Treatment Weeks 1–4).

•Add Victrelis 800 mg (four 200-mg capsules) orally three times daily (every 7 to 9 hours) to peginterferon alfa and ribavirin regimen after 4 weeks of treatment. Based on the patient's HCV-RNA levels at Treatment Week (TW) 8, TW12 and TW24, use the following Response-Guided Therapy (RGT) guidelines to determine duration of treatment (see Table 1).

Table 1 Duration of Therapy Using Response-Guided Therapy (RGT) Guidelines in Patients Without Cirrhosis Who Are Previously Untreated or Who Are Previous Partial Responders or Relapsers to Interferon and Ribavirin Therapy

Previously Untreated Patients

At Treatment Week 8                
Not Detected

At Treatment Week 24
Not Detected

Complete three-medicine regimen at TW28.

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I started treatment on Oct 2nd with pegysus proclick and ribivirin,and started victrelis nov 4th

Let me see if I have this correct, you started treatment (inf/riba) on 10-2-12 which means you should have started victrelis on 10-30-12 (after 4 wk lead in) along with your 5th injection, however you didn't start victrelis until 11-4-12, is that correct ?

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That is correct i was told to start on that date by my doctor.However my nurse called me yesterday after she got my lab results.My hemoglobin was only 9.0 and was 8.2 before i got my transfusion on Tuesday.It seems she is concerned with my consistent low RBC.My 24th week of victrelis would be April 19th and stop the interferon on may 23rd and then stop ribivirin a week later.I'm just curious as to why  
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I am wondering about the dates hrsepwrguy is mentioning.

I do not want to alarm you but if the sequence of events is as you state then your doctor is really off his game. That is a nice way of saying he does not know what he is doing and it is amazing you are UND.

Are you in America? Different countries have (what I consider primitive) different views on handling hemolytic anemia that comes with triple. But since you have taken Procrit then it sounds like your Procrit could be rearranged or increased.

Here is what leaps out
1) you are supposed to have a viral load at four weeks
yet you say you had yours at week 5 (?!)

2) you are supposed to start the Vicrelis at four weeks
Yet you started it what the 33 - 34 day mark?

3) The first intervention when your Hgb drops to 10 is to reduce your Riba
Did you do this?

Transfusions and Procrit are also used but when your HGB drops like that there are several ways to manage anemia. Hgb is used as an indicator (not RBC)

This is sounding really messed up. I would be freaking out if I discovered my chance at getting rid of a blood borne infectious disease like Hepatitis C were jeopardized in such a manner.

I strongly encourage you to go over all your copies of your labs (hopefully you have them. If you don't then ask for them) and determine what has happened and when.

Given there are no other extenuating circumstances or medical conditions then I hope I do not offend you by saying your doctor telling you to stop taking the Vic is a HUGE red flag something is amiss.

Be sure you understand what your doctor has said and done up to this point correctly. Post again and clarify the details. Add more about your health, situation, stage of fibrosis and whatever you feel is important. The links and info that have been provided ought to be enough to show your doctor


You are UND which is great but you deserve the full benefit of the HCV meds to clear the resistant strains of the virus and hopefully prevent relapse.
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Hemolytic Anemia is a known side effect of both Ribavarin and the Victrelis

Here is a link (plus there are threads on the forum)

Victrelis is the trade name for Bocprevir
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